Minecraft PS3 1.06 Update Coming Soon, May Support Save Transfers to PS Vita

Most ardent players already know that Minecraft PS3 version is coming to a friendly neighborhood retail store near you and the boxed edition is definitely going to be a great collection in your list of games.

If someone said Sony console owners might get such an edition a couple of months ago, it would have sounded insane because the game was yet to come to the platform. Even though, it got released on Xbox 360 almost a year ago, for some unspoken reason the PS3 version was delayed. 4J Studios is the only team that has been working on all the console ports including the next gen versions. The company has been ably handling the task because they have drastically reduced the time between the releases and got the 1.04 update quickly as soon as the Title Update 14 got released.

Play Maps on PS Vita

The studio has also created a norm of submitting the patch updates to the respective companies at the same time, so that certificate testing process can be completed simultaneously and players get to play them on the same day. The trend has been going great so far. Earlier, Mojang confirmed that players will not have to worry about leaving their precious creations behind because they will have the freedom to save and transfer all their maps, as well as buildings to the next gen console. The surprising factor is that you will not only be able to see those maps on a more powerful console but there are talks that claim the save transfer capability will be implemented into the PS Vita as version. It should be fun to see it on a handheld console.

Mobile gaming is all the rage now because people are looking forward to enjoying their favorite titles on the go that demands a powerful handheld device. Even though, there are many tablets and smart phones out there, Sony’s PS Vita continues to be the platform for hardcore gamers. Bringing the ability to transfer maps from Minecraft PS3 to the Vita will definitely play an integral role in making the platform popular among those who adore gaming. The touch screen capability of the console is expected to make the game more engaging. PS Vita version of the game is also getting a retail edition but there is no fixed release date so far.

No Update On 1.06 Yet

Mojang confirmed that next gen version and handheld will launch anytime in the second or third quarter of this year while Minecraft PS3 edition is about to hit stores on May 16th. With hardly a week to go before the release date, players are already excited about the type of updates that they will come across when the game launches and it may also follow up with 1.06 patch update as well as some skins or texture packs. Going with these updates, the upcoming week definitely sounds exciting and there’s plenty to look forward to. Grab your PS3 console and keep your fingers crossed expecting some surprise announcements from 4J.

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