Minecraft 1.7.9 Latest Version: What to Expect From It?

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Minecraft is one of the top rated games that enjoy phenomenal popularity.

There are a lot of gamers who stay hooked to this game and they are always on the lookout to find new updates such that they can make the most out of the changes that come up.

Minecraft makes it a point to constantly and periodically keep launching new updates so that it can keep the gamers hooked to the game. If no new changes are introduced, the gamers might lose their interest and the popularity of the game can be impacted.

The Latest Version of Minecraft

The latest version of minecraft that has been released is 1.7.9 and there are plenty of different points that have been taken care of. Here, we will list the main changes that are a part of this update.

Ever since the minecraft 1.7.6 update was launched, there has been a lot of commotion because this version was unstable and the game kept crashing. Hence, the developers had to quickly work on a fix and launch a new update that could solve the issue. After repeated trials, it feels like minecraft 1.7.9 has finally succeeded in fixing the crash problem.

New Skin System

One of the major changes that have come up is the new and improved skin system. The way the player skins were handled internally has been improved too and this aids in significant improvement of skin servers. If you were using the prior updated version and you were facing skin crashes, updating your game to this latest version should help you get rid of this trouble.

Apart from this, many minor bugs that users have reported in the earlier versions have been fixed as well. Gamers had also reported that the speed with which they could opt for name conversion was pathetically slow. This definitely ruins the pleasure of playing the game and enjoying it to the fullest. In this new minecraft update, care has been taken to improve the ease with which players can opt for name conversion.

Is The Update Good For Gamers?

Many a times, gamers get terribly disappointed with the change log. This update primarily addresses the problems that came with the major changes which was a part of 1.7.6 update. The overall reviews for this new update are positive and people should not have much complaints related to this change.

One can find that the minecraft team is genuinely interested in fixing these changes and they were trying hard particularly to solve the server crash problem that was occurring repeatedly.

The kind of popularity that minecraft enjoys makes it important for developers to work round the clock to ensure that they have the latest version up and running. If too many gamers find the problem of crashes, it is definitely going to upset the rhythm of people and thus the popularity of the game may end up suffering.

Minecraft has managed to remain the top rated game for too long and the kind of fan following they have is stupefying. There are too many updates that are launched from time to time and it is with these updates that gamers are always interested.

When we look at the different games that has managed to stay popular for ages, we will find that most of these games tend to bring in steady changes and updates from time to time. The key to prolonged popularity is to keep incorporating some kind of changes that makes a game forever new. With these updates, not only does minecraft aim at fixing the bugs, but they also add the fresh wave of change which is desperately needed.

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