Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Release Date, Rumors and Early Talks

Microsoft appeared to have been done with the tablet PC segment after the arrival of new chairman Satya Nadella, who appeared to signal a shift back to the software segment.

Primarily a software company, Microsoft seems to be intent on focusing on these aspects rather than selling hardware. Hence, the Surface Pro 2 might well have been the last tablet to come from the company. It may not be the case, as, seemingly, the Surface Pro 3 also appears set for launch in the next few days.

Specification Rumors

The Surface Pro 3 is expected to carry vital improvements in several areas of the Surface Pro 2 to make it in line with the latest requirements in the industry. The launch of a slew of tablets from Samsung in the last few months has shifted things enormously, while the upcoming next-generation of the iPad, which could be launched in the next few months, will once again do the same. Microsoft wants to get ahead of the pack with the Surface Pro 3.

One of the areas where the device could feature less improvement is the design, which was already excellent, thanks to a premium approach. The 10.6 inch display is unlikely to be increased given that it would directly impact on the portability aspect of the device.

Microsoft, though, is rumored to have worked heavily on reducing the thickness of the device. It needs to compete with the likes of the iPad, one of the thinnest devices in the market.

Instead, the Surface Pro 3 may come with an entirely new product featuring the larger 12.2 inch display; but it does not appear to be in the minds of Microsoft right now. They are especially concentrating on improving the resolution of the 10.6 inch unit, which is a full HD display. The resolution is likely to be increased to a 4K unit.

Processor Upgrade

The Surface Pro 2 is one of the few tablets to come with an Intel processor at its heart. The device features an i5 processor, which is not the fastest from the Intel range. This feature is expected to be expanded to the i7 processor on the Surface Pro 3. Such an upgrade will dramatically increase the performance of the device. It should be able to support future versions of the Windows without any trouble. There have also been rumors that the Surface Pro 3 might come with a stylus.

Release Date Rumors

Microsoft has organized a press conference in New York on May 20. It is highly anticipated that the company will not only be announcing the Surface Mini, but the Surface Pro 3 is also expected to be named as the successor to the Surface Pro 2. Information on the pricing is likely to come a few days later. The Surface Pro 3 should cost slightly more than the Surface Pro 2, which will be heavily discounted in the next few weeks should the announcement be made. The Surface Pro 2 starts at $ 899.

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