Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Make a Wish for 3rd-generation Features

We all remember the great launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 2 eight months ago and the thrill that it’s much better than first generation. And what do you say, isn’t it now the moment of an upgrading?

Keep your fingers crossed because this month an event is coming and there are rumors about the appearance of Microsoft Pro 3 at an early date. This should be “la creme de la creme” of Microsoft Surface Pro generations and the expectations aren’t low at all. Surface Pro 3 Specs may have an Intel i7 processor and come with 8 GB of RAM or maybe even 16 GB. The device will surely come with an updates cameras as the previous model offers only 720p camera and this is not enough for our times.

There is a though world among tablets and Microsoft has to step up with something that  takes our breath away this time. Its launch, price and specs are very important factors in success.

What do we expect from this wonder tablet? Well, we can agree on a stronger software support with Windows 8.1 but at a more expensive price, since the second generation of Microsoft Surface Pro starts at 899$. Can’t wait for its releasing in September, but an early launch would be a wonderful surprise.

What would you improve at Windows Surface Pro 2?

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