Mass Effect 4 Won’t Follow Shepard, Title Still Unconfirmed

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As with all anticipated titles, it is not surprising to see rumors and speculations abounding with regards to ‘Mass Effect 4’.

The title simply emerged because most ardent fans of the series opined that it will be the most suitable name for the upcoming game. The developers of the game have a different perspective about it because they have officially called out to gamers to inform that ‘Mass Effect 4: Contact’ is not something the studio has been working on. Instead, ‘Mass Effect’ is a common name that they have been using ever since day one because it makes it easier to refer to the game. The official announcement was made through their Twitter account. For those of you who may have been wondering whether the game is under development, there is some good news. The team is working on a new title for the franchise, confirmed Yanick Roy, the game’s executive at Bioware Montreal studio. When words come straight from the top executives, you don’t have to think twice but simply believe the news.

The Insider’s Source

Of late, there have been too many insider sources not only for ‘Mass Effect 4’ but for all anticipated titles. Some of the speculations that these unnamed people create do become real, which is why fans end up trusting these sources more. Besides, original publishers maintain an uneasy level of silence throughout the years similar to how Bethesda maintains about their Fallout. The void is eventually filled with speculations which ardent gamers simply lap up. The recent title leak was also initiated by someone who called himself the insider. He revealed it through Twitter as ‘Mass Effect: __NT__T’ which reads as ‘Mass Effect: Contact’. Before the internet could go abuzz with excitement, it is good to see the real developers of the game come out and make a statement as Roy did. A single tweet saved the day before people started building stories on this anonymous message that has no credibility attached to it. The name also convinced gamers that the upcoming title in the series will be set during the First Contact War which took place before the game’s trilogy happened. It was assumed that this could be a prequel.

No More Shepard

The studio representative has already confirmed that the game will not feature Commander Shepard because the trilogy is done. While gamers assumed, this could be a prequel based on the war, it is only an assumption at this point. The original plot setting of the title can be confirmed only when someone from BioWare speaks and let everyone know what they are working on. The story line could be about anything because ‘Mass Effect 4’ has so many potential stories and characters to delve into. There could be bits and pieces of the title, perhaps a teaser which could be shown during the E3 2014 conference or there could be none. There are so many titles being speculated for the conference but it is a fact that only some of them will make their way to the big release.

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