Lytro Illum Camera – Specs, Features and Price

When Lytro first launched its special high-end camera, it received mixed reviews because some people were not pleased with the kind of output that it had delivered. However, Lytro learnt from its own mistakes and soon they came back with a new model namely Lytro Illum camera and this stood out from the previous model because it is packed with some of the most amazing features.

The Key Highlights

The company professes that with this new camera model, it is all set to create a revolution in the field of low light photography. It comes with a 40 megaray resolution which is way better than the previous model. There are various options offered when you are clicking the picture as you can not only refocus the image but you can create a parallax effect as well.

It looks like the company did some major discussion and worked out some well thought out strategies to be sure that their new model manages to impress the users. The kind of technology that has been used is worth a round of applause as you can enjoy the same touch of 3D images which you have always craved for. The size is a little bulky and the camera looks huge, but the kind of clarity it will offer when you are clicking pictures makes it worth every penny that you are spending on it.


Some of the key features offered by this camera are as follows.

  • The camera comes with 40 megaray sensor. This infers that when the images are flattened out, after capturing them, it will turn to 4 megapixel. This is a huge improvement over the previous model which sported 11 megaray images.
  • The camera works on the microlens array technology which has been patented by Lytro. This technology enables smoother and efficient capturing of colors, light and other aspects which brings the pictures to life.
  • The playback options that are offered with this camera makes it much easier to view the pictures, analyze the quality and style and then decide if you would like to go for a retake or you are contented with the shot.
  • The on camera software is so designed that you can make use of real-time feedback which comes in handy for professional photographers looking to click winning shots that people are going to love.
  • It further comes with an 8X optical zoom which allow you to click far away pictures with a deadly clarity. The constant f/2.0 aperture and the 1.3 macro allow you to click some of the best pictures which will be loaded with the right levels of clarity.
  • When you are clicking the shots, it will be easier to understand which parts of the image are present in the re-focus range. These special features add to the flexibility and interactivity that the camera has to offer.
  • The 4 inches touch screen is so smartly designed that handling this camera is cakewalk. You will be able to handle the camera with a refined ease and handling it should not pose any troubles whatsoever.

Price Factor

Now when it comes to price, it is definitely on the high-end. The camera is all set to be launched in the month of July and the price has been fixed at $1599. Those who choose to pre-order can have this model for $1499 and thereby save a hundred dollars.

While the price may look to be a little high, but given the kind of features and specification you will get, the Lytro Illum does seem to be an extremely smart choice option because it is worth the higher price you may end up paying.

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