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Line is a Japanese subsidiary belonging to Naver, a Korean Internet Operator enabling users to send text messages as well as make voice calls and share photos and games as well as digital comic books.

The applications are being used by more than 430 million people all over their world for making voice calls and sending messages through their mobile phones. Today, most of the messaging and voice calling applications also offer social networking features in a single package.

Line supports all the major mobile platforms and it has been built by Naver’s Japanese arm and is quite popular in the US as well as in the UK and in China as well as some Asian countries.

Simple and Neat Interface

The user interface is devoid of frills and is neat, but offers a comprehensive list of features. It is a social messaging application and offers different sections for Friends and for Timeline as well as Chats and other features. You can also find different sections for games, where you can select the game and download it from the App store, or select stickers from the sticker shop and the Line Camera that is to be separately downloaded. The icons for the games and the camera are all integrated in the application. By clicking on it, you can download the camera or the game from the App store.

Messaging and Chatting Options

You can edit your profile by changing the display name and uploading a photo, along with a cover image that is randomly set. You can also access the ‘add a friend’ icon, where you can select friends for adding or for creating groups. There are also other interesting options, such as the Shake it option and the Barcode Scanning option. The Timeline section allows you to create posts and also to view the posts that have been put up by your friends. You can add pictures using the + icon as well as add information about contacts, add videos and share a location, etc. The emoticon icon has emoticons as well as stickers.

Adding Friends

All friends who use the Line application will be automatically updated in the Friends section and you can invite additional ones through email or by sending an SMS. By tapping on a particular friend name in the Friends section, you can chat or make a free call. The list of friends is generated from the phone contact list that you can search through. If you have a friend nearby, you can use the Shake It mode for scanning each other. After the scanning is complete, both of you must select the option for adding as a friend. Shake it is a cool feature that will search anyone who is in close range using this option. Hence, if you see some stranger on your contact list, it probably means that they are also currently making use of the Shake it feature and are sitting somewhere close by. However, only if both of you add each other the contact will appear on the friend list.

Catching up with WeChat

Line is fast catching up with WeChat, another popular voice and chatting mobile platform. Both the apps work on devices running on Android, iOS, Windows phone as well as the Blackberry phones and are free apps. You can get all the features of chatting and calling, send text messages, photos, video calls and voice messages. You can also create group chats with a maximum of 100 members, similar to WeChat. Today, Line has more than 290 million active users when compared to the 300 million users of WeChat.

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