Is WeChat the Future? 396,000,000 Users and Still Counting

WeChat, re-known in China as Weixen, is now a worldwide multilingual instant messaging service brought into the limelight by Tencent.

It is acclaimed as reliable, trustworthy, accessible and available to all at all time. It is a company of Chinese-origin and was released first in 2011.

Features to Support Growth

The app is accessible on all Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, Blackberry and iOS Smartphones. WeChat is available in Chinese, English, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, Malay, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Hindi. The network connectivity is Wi-Fi, 2G and 3G. The Walkie-Talkie Option enables users to chat in a Group and continue the chat even after the window or tab is closed.

Updates and Goodies for Users

Growth Rate

WeChat has successfully added around 14,000,000 members each month in the first three months of 2014 with a Growing Rate of 12%, which is still less than the yesteryear figures of 28 Million Users in the last four months, of which the monthly growth rate was 31%. The second quarter of last year actually witnessed a growth rate of 104%, adding around 200 Million + Users in that phase.

The Reason for the Infectious Growth

WeChat claims its success rates to the intelligent marketing strategies like electronic commercial advertising, Gaming platforms, Sponsored Brand account of varied types, stickers, advertising alongside other accounts and sales of stickers bearing the brand identity. The very unique feature of Translation also plays a key role in boosting its success. Unlike its rival Whatsapp, WeChat provides its members the option to translate any received text in a click which ends up displaying the translated result just below it. Last year, a rumor sprouted up claiming that WeChat will start charging its users a minimal fee, but WeChat continues to be free of cost till date.

Future Competition and Hope

WeChat, at this growth rate, is expected to overpower its prominent and strong competitor, WhatsApp, by the end of the year. And on comparison with Viber, it again proves to equip its users to send files and link their phone’s applications to send it to the browser. This provides a convenient, time-saving and easier option. This is generated with the help of QR codes. WeChat comparatively offers a smoother, convenient and hassle-free access to the internet and data uses. The success rate included both the original WeChat Users and Weixin Users.

Today, its only goal is to branch out more for efficient and global functionality by including Brazil, India, Europe and Mexico in its action plans. To promote the same in India, WeChat has chosen Parineeti Chopra and Varun Dhawan as its ambassadors. Currently Lionel Messi is its brand ambassador outside China.

Tencent has also released official reports to test games on the same. The company has also boasts of an on Sticker Shop, Gaming revenue store and payment center which lets the members associate WeChat with their banks to pay off their payments and purchases.

From the users point of you, the emergence of Wechat is a welcome sign as it will keep apps like Whats App and Viber on their toes.

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