iPhone 6 vs Google Nexus 6: Expected Camera Features

These days, mobile phones are no longer meant only for making and receiving calls.

Their uses have diversified a great deal and it can be used for various purposes. One of the key uses of mobile phones has to be the camera. These days, mobile phones come packed with some of the best configurations for cameras.

Two of the best phones that are going to be launched in 2014 are Nexus 6 by Google and iPhone 6. Both these models are likely to steal the stage. There are huge expectations from both of these models. There has been no official news yet regarding the exact specifications that both the models will have. However, if you look at the core specifications and the rumored details, we will spot these specifications.

What Google Nexus 6 Will Offer You?

Google Nexus 6 is going to be one of the best phones by Google ever. Google is hopeful that it is Nexus 6 that will take their brand to the topmost position. As per the reports circulating in the market, Google Nexus 6 will come with one of the best cameras.

There are two different rumors as there is a group of people who believe that Nexus 6 is going to sport 13 megapixel camera. While there is also a chance that Nexus 6 may come with a 20-megapixels camera too, but it is only after the launch is done that we will actually come to know what Nexus 6 is going to offer. Regardless of what it chooses to offer, one thing is for sure; Nexus 6 is going to be an absolute killer as far as taking pictures is concerned.

If this doesn’t seem to be enough, it pays to know that Nexus 6 will also have a front facing camera of 5 MP. This is definitely one of the brilliant features that will make Nexus 6 the preferred choice for all those who love to video chat. Apart from this, the kind of clarity that the camera will offer, the resolution of the pictures and even the video quality is going to be superb and brilliant. There will be the option of HDR mode which means that you are really going to be floored with what Google is going to bring to the table. The million dollar question remains as to will Apple lag behind? Let us now shift our attention to Apple product and see what they have for us.

iPhone 6: Is it going to be Camera Smart?

If there is one thing that sets Apple apart from the rest, it has to be the kind of supremacy it shows. The features that Apple has to offer make it one of the top names with rumors of iPhone 6 floating in the market. There is news that iPhone 6 is going to be really camera smart and it will put almost all other phones to shame.

As per reports, Apple is making smart use of optical image stabilization and thus the kind of resolution that the pictures will have is going to be phenomenally impressive. The iPhone is likely to come with 13 megapixels camera. However, the most striking feature, if added will be the optical image stabilization. There are reports that Apple may offer super resolution mode in iPhone 6 for those who want to capture the best shots.

Hence, as far as the camera specifications are concerned, both these models seem to be heading for a battle as they do offer impressive specifications. It is still a little early before we can come up with a final prediction of which model is going to offer you the best features.

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