iPhone 6 Top 2014 Full HD 1704×960 Display?

Apple is preparing to release the iPhone 6 in two sizes. Even if we got many tips and speculations about the large screen, there are no official reveals from Apple. There are experts who believe that the iPhone 6 will not come with Full HD.

In concordance to a report of 9to5Mac, some industry watchers are guessing that Apple may stick to iPhone 5’s resolution of 1136×640, which will ensure that the App Store applications and iOS software will function properly on the new iPhone 6. A disadvantage is that the new iPhone 6’s display will suffer and people can’t expect a retina-like resolution.

In 2010 and 2012, Apple did a similar thing when they wanted to bring retina display from iPhone 4 to the larger screen of the iPhone 5s. Even if they have been doing major changes on iPhone 6’s resolution, it will still require a lot of work from both, the company and developers. As for now, we’re not sure with what final offer Apple will come.

Some other reports from 9to5Mac say that in order to make major changes to the iPhone’s screen, Apple will require scaling the upcoming display using a pixel-tripling mode. With other words, that’s three times bigger than 568×320.

TIME wrote in a report that Apple changed their mind so many times regarding the iPhone 6’s screen because everything will look better on a larger screen, and they finally decided that it’s worth it, even if that would mean the company will need to make sure all the applications will be optimized for the new screen.

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