iPhone 6: The Features That Will Be a Part of the New Model

Every time a new model by Apple is launched, it creates a big stir in the market.

It is high time for iPhone 6 to hit the market and there are rumors buzzing that September will see the launch of this new model. When it comes to iPhone 6, there are plenty of different features that have been showcased. Here, we will offer a list of some of the key features that are likely to be a part of the latest model from Apple.

The Overall Design and Form Factor

There are reports going around in the market that iPhone 6 will feature a 4.7 inch screen. There are other reports that state that there will be two models that will be launched simultaneously and the other version will be a phablet that is likely to measure 5.5 inches.

A Better and Improved Processor

When the Apple A7 processor was launched, users were left to marvel at the stunning capabilities of this chip. Apple has decided to further improve its game play as it is all set to come with an all new A8 processor in their new model. It will make use of 64 bit powerhouse and the chip is likely to deliver phenomenal results.

While Apple may stick to 1 GB of RAM, but it will be making use of LPDDR4 technology which will ensure that there will be no lag time when you are accessing the different apps. In order to run multiple apps together, having a higher RAM is desired. However, owing to the improved technology that is used, iPhone 6 is not going to disappoint you at all.

Brighter Display

If you are worried about the type of display that iPhone 6 is going to offer you, it pays to know that iPhone6 is going to have one of the best displays of all time. As per reports, the new iPhone is going to have a 1334 x 750 retina display and the ppi is 326. Further, the sapphire glass coating gives a brilliant touch to this phone and the display features are fully synced with those found on iPhone 5.

Seamless App Support

Another brilliant feature that is likely to be a part of the new model has to be the seamless support between apps. iPhone 6 is likely to be designed in such a way that you can easily jump from one app to another without any ruckus. There is likelihood that you would have a popup asking you to share your picture on Facebook or Twitter directly, every time you click a picture.

New And Better Maps

While Google Maps is the best navigation app for most, Apple is all set to revolutionize this with their new app for maps. With iOS 8, maps are going to get much better with more reliable information and real time data and the right kind of directions. All those who are looking to find the right kind of navigation support can safely fall back on Apple maps as they are going to turn out to be handy. iPhone 6 will see one of the best versions of Apple maps ever.

There are various different features and improvements that are going to be a part of this new model because Apple is known for improving the standard and raising the bar every day.

The new model is likely to hit the stores in the month of September and it is going to be an extremely painful wait till then. Once the phone finally hits the stores, it may turn out to be one of the biggest and the best launches by Apple so far. The buzz and excitement for the new model is already peaking high.

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