iPhone 6 Release in September – Top 10 Confirmed Features

Are you anxious to get the new iPhone 6? Have you followed all the rumors that circulated on forums and social media websites to find out more about the phone’s specifications? It seems that all the speculations were true, and we should prepare for the iPhone 6’s release in September. The smartphone will run on the iOS 8 operating system that replaces the iOS 7.1.1.

In June, Apple will reveal at the WWDC some of the features that the iPhone 6 will come with. These are 10 of the expected/partially confirmed features that the fans will love:

–  iOS Map. After replacing the Google Maps with the iOS Map, Apple had to remove it because the users couldn’t utilize it – it came with lots of errors. But in 2014, this tool will return and will offer accurate data.

Healthbook. This function allows users to access and record information that will help them to live a healthy lifestyle.

CarPlay enhancements, which was firstly introduced with the iOS 7.1. You can drive safely while you’re absorbed the iOS ecosystem.

More Siri features. The application will come with improvements, being a lot smarter than the previous version.

Simplified notification. With the iOS 8, the users won’t have to deal with mixed alerts (all and new alerts) that confused them with the previous version.

Improvements for iCloud and iWork

Wider accessory support

– You’ll view two applications at the same time, as the iOS 8 will come with the Split Window application. This is just a rumor, though.

iTunes Radio

A longer lasting battery. It’s not yet known what kind of battery will the iPhone 6 come with, but it will be a “massive battery”” for sure. Apple will have to find a way to squeeze it into the phone’s thin frame.

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