iPhone 6 Comes with 3 Top Killer Features

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Not a day goes by without hearing more news about the upcoming iPhone 6’s features. A while ago, the investment firm “Morgan Stanley” predicted that Apple will integrate new field communication into their iDevices that will be launched in 2014. According to Morgan Stanley’s latest report, this technology will increase Apple’s revenue.

“Mobile payments can help Apple collect more data on consumers in order to create more relevant and useful recommendations and advertisements, and create additional revenue opportunities for developers and other partners, especially brick-and-mortar retail”, said Morgan Stanley in the report.

This service feature will be used with iWallet mobile payments, and users will pay with their credit cards.

The NFC chip will come independently, because the giant tech wants to avoid the glitches that usually occur when a new technology is developed. This feature will come with the iOS 8 and Apple is doing its best at the hardware part also.

Apple is inclined to use flexible touchscreen panels for the iPhone 6, which is a
“a method of stacking solar cells between touch sensor layers within a display matrix to create a compact solar charging system that stores energy in the device’s battery”, according to the report.

The iPhone 6 will be a solar powered smartphone, just like other future iOS devices. The batteries will last longer because the solar power can complement the energy that is consumed in between.

Most analysts think that the iPhone 6 will be released this September, while the 5.6 iOS phablet will be released somewhere in October or December, this year.

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