iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Specs, Features & Price Comparison

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When it comes to Samsung galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S, the features are comparable as both these high-end phones offer you some of the most impressive specifications. Here, we will compare and contrast both models to give you an idea of which phone seems to have an upper hand.

iPhone 5S – The Class of Apple

The Apple iPhone 5S measures a standard 4 inch in size and the design of the phone is terrific. It is extremely easy to hold and the kind of grip which you will get is perfect. iPhone 5S comes with an IPS screen that allows for much vibrant display and even when you are using the phone in low light, you will be impressed by the resolution offered by the phone.

Further, it supports 64 bit operating system which allows you to have a faster RAM and thus multitasking on your iPhone is going to be a cakewalk. The battery capacity is a little dismal as it comes with 1570 mAh and when you opt for heavy data usage, your battery may drain very fast.

The thing that sets iPhone 5S apart from other phones has to be the smart processor. Apple makes brilliant use of its stunning A7 processor and it has 1.3 GHz dual core. While Galaxy S5 offers 1.9 GHz Octa core, iPhone 5S is by no means slower in response.

The camera offered by iPhone 5S is impressive as it is 8 megapixel and will offer you the right kind of clarity. Even the video recording is pretty good and you are not going to have any complains. However, the front camera is average and people expected slightly better performance from the front camera.

What Does Samsung Galaxy S5 Has To Offer?

Samsung Galaxy S5 gave Apple a good run for its money with its supreme set of features. It has a big screen size of 5.1 inches and the display is brilliant. The resolution of the screen is 1080 x 1920 pixels with a whopping PPI of 432.

While Galaxy S5 runs on Exynos processor, the speed is brilliant and it has an octa core processor integrated in it. The RAM is better than 5S as this model comes packed with 2 GB of RAM.

If there is one thing you are going to love about S5; it has to be the brilliant camera. The phone comes with a brilliant 16 megapixel camera and the camera features will allow you to take sharp, high-definition pictures even in low light. Even the front camera is much improved.

The Cost Factor

Though Galaxy S5 seems to have an upper hand while comparing most of the specifications, yet it is priced lower than iPhone 5S. The S5 is priced at nearly $580 while iPhone 5S comes at approx $650. Those who are die-hard Apple fans and want to use an Apple product are likely to settle for iPhone 5S. The finishing, overall appeal and charm of iPhone 5S is definitely distinct and par excellence.

However, if you want to save your money and get an awesome deal and impressive features that are better than what iPhone 5S has to offer, the Galaxy S5 seems to be the better choice.

S5 does seem to have an upper hand as far as specifications and features are concerned, but overall, both the phones match head to head and you may have a hard time coming to a single decision. If the rumors are true, the soon to be launched iPhone 6 is going to put the mobile industry on fire.

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