iPhone 5S – Features, Specifications And Price

The iPhone 5S looks a lot like the iPhone 5 but has better innards, such as the new Touch ID home button by taking off the square in the button and replacing it with a fancy looking silver ring, the huge increase in its CPU power, improvement in camera and so on making it look more aesthetic.

The iPhone 5S comes with an aluminum and glass chassis with new colors, like the space grey and the champagne colors. It is a premium device weighing 112 g and with dimensions of 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm.


The iPhone 5S continues to use the same Retina display of the iPhone 5, with a 4-inch display screen, having a resolution of 1136 x 640 p and a razor sharp ppi of 326. The clarity, sharpness and color reproduction are excellent and it is ideal for viewing HD movies. The top quality IPS panel offers excellent quality of image with vibrant colors.

Fingerprint Reader

This is the new feature, known as the Touch ID. You no longer need to tap in a PIN for unlocking the phone, as you can just hold the finger over the phone sensor. It is a brilliant way of saving time and also helps as an excellent security measure.


The phone has a brand new SoC, a System on a Chip, with the 64-bit Apple A7 capable of addressing greater memory, which might be useful in the future with a greater RAM. The new chip offers double the speed in case of graphics as well as for system applications. The iOS 7 is very easy to control and use through the Control Center, with which you can go to any application or any screen, control brightness and other utilities, such as the camera, the calculator and so on. The Today screen can give you a view of all your appointments for the day along with notifications and any missed calls. The interface is greatly improved.


AirDrop offers an excellent means of sharing files and also links between two different iOS devices, just by clicking on the share button and then selecting AirDrop, selecting a contact and the content to be transferred.


The camera has the same pixilation as the previous 5S, with an 8 MP resolution. However, the sensor is 15% bigger when compared to the iPhone 5, with pixels at 1.5 microns, which offers better performance in low light condition. The aperture lens is the new f/2.2 allowing the increased amount of light, while retaining greater image detail. The iPhone 5S also offers dual LED with True Tone flash feature offering very natural skin tones. There are also some additional shooting modes, such as the burst modes. The phone is also capable of shooting at 10fpsand with 1080p resolution, which looks amazing even when taken in low light conditions, due to the new sensor as well as the Sio Mo mod, capable of shooting at 720p and at 120 fps, also enabling superb slow motion video.


The Touch ID works perfectly and it offers great performance, with an excellent all round camera. It is light and comfortable to hold, though the battery life could be improved a bit. The screen may also seem a little small for some users. It can be programmed for five different fingers and can be easily set up by moving it around to give full coverage. The function works flawlessly from any angle and you can unlock the phone with just one click and a smooth move. You can use the touch id for purchasing iTunes and accessing the App store, without a need to enter your password. The Apple iPhone 5S is available unlocked for about $700 for the 16GB version.

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