iPad Mini 2 vs iPad Air – Comparison of Specifications and Pricing

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Apple has once again proved that it is the king of the tablet PC segment with the iPad Mini 2 and the iPad Air that came out recently.

When it was previously thought that the iPad range could not be made any better, Apple has managed to stun everyone with exquisitely crafted devices. The iPad Mini 2 is a smaller version of the iPad Air, which will now become the flagship of the company. The two devices may be separated by a significant price difference, but this is not the case in terms of features.


Apple has always been top of the design department and this is especially true in the case of tablet PCs. The desirability factor of the iPad has been taken to another level with the iPad Air, while it is also the same with the iPad Mini 2 in a different price segment. This is largely done by the reduction in thickness of the two tablets, while the weight has also been drastically reduced in the case of the iPad Air.

The iPad Air is now only 470 g in weight, while the iPad Mini 2, predictably, is around 370 g. This drastic weight reduction in the iPad Air has made it at least 30% lighter than the nearest competitor.

The iPad Air may not be lighter on the wallet, but it is certainly lighter in the pocket.


There are little differences between the iPad Air and the iPad Mini 2. If at all any, the differences come in the screen size. The iPad Air features the larger 10.1 inch display, while the iPad Mini 2 features a 7.9 inch unit. However, the similarities between the two tablets extend even into the technologies used in the displays. Both come with the retina display technology. Unlike other tablet PCs that also feature a full HD display, the iPad is quite different because the app ecosystem has several products catering towards the retina display in the iPad.

Hence, users will be able to utilize the full potential of the display that provides a maximum resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels. The total pixel density is extremely high on the iPad Mini 2 at around 324 PPI, while it is around 264 ppi in the case of the iPad Air.


Apple has always provided its products with excellent cameras and this is once again true with the iPad Air and the iPad Mini 2. They offer a five megapixel camera, which may not be the competitor for a smartphone camera, but it more than does the job with excellent pictures and videos. Further, a 1.2 megapixel front facing unit makes it excellent over Facetime.


There are several versions of the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 depending upon the connectivity and internal memory options. The prices for the iPad Air with Wi-Fi and 16 GB memory starts at $ 499, while the iPad Mini 2 is available for around $ 100 less than this price.

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