IOS 7.2: What to Expect From It?

Every time a new operating system update is launched by Apple, it creates a great deal of buzz in the market.

The market is buzzing with news that iOS 7.2 can be launched anytime soon. When the launch will happen remains a mystery and there is no official confirmation for the same. However, there has been some news regarding what people can expect in this new operating system.

There are rumors that state that instead of calling it iOS 8, Apple is going to rename the version to iOS 7.2. Here we will talk about some of the key features that are likely to pop up in this new version.

Instant Reply

Gone will be the days when you have to open the app for the sake of replying to your text. With this new update, you will be able to instantly reply to the messages without even having to open the app. The pop up will make it much easier to reply. Apple users have long been waiting for such an update and it seems that the developers at Apple have finally heard what users have been asking for.

Easy Killing of Apps

Even when it comes to killing the apps, the new update is likely to make things easier. The new update is likely to give you the option for killing all running apps together. This is extremely helpful for those who tend to open multiple apps together and want an easy way to kill all of them. You will not have to individually kill all the apps as a single function will help you get rid of all the apps simultaneously.

The Touch ID

Even when it comes down to the touch ID feature, it is going to be much better and more improved. The touch ID feature can greatly enhance the security which is offered because it will prevent unauthorized users from accessing your files stored in your phone. When you have this feature enabled, it will allow you to keep your phone safe. With the new iOS update, keeping passwords for apps and even the touch ID feature is likely to get major upgrades.

These are some of the key features that have been announced and it seems that iOS 7.2 is definitely going to see some of the best features integrated in it. To get the exact details of the features that will be a part of iOS 7.2, we will have to wait for official launch or confirmation.

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