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Instagram is an online social networking website which lets you edit pictures, videos and share them on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr etc.

The story of Instagram started in October 2010. The brains responsible for the development of Instagram are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. This application is a cross-platform service and is available for Android, iOS and Windows. The popularity of the application rose exponentially and the number of users on Instagram crossed the mark of 100 million in April 2012. The fun of using Instagram can be encroached even more by installing it on laptops. Its rising popularity can be gauged by the price tag of about $1 billion that Facebook paid to buy it!

Working on the Bigger Screen

There is no denying the fact that working on a bigger screen is more interesting and exciting. The developers of Instagram have made sure that Instagram can be used on personal computers also. There are certain ways through which you can use Instagram freely on the laptops. There is software called as Instagrille which offers you the privilege to switch this service for laptops. Apart from this, there are certain websites like Webbygram and Webstagram which enable you to enter the world of Instagram and enjoy yourselves. You just need to enter your Instagram credentials and entertainment will just be a click away.

Advantages and Features

A number of celebrities share their pictures on Instagram. One can view them by subscribing them on one’s account. One of the biggest advantages of using Instagram is that the application provides quality editing to the pictures. The pixels of the image can be rendered to a better quality in spite of getting clicked from a normal camera. In addition, Instagram offers a large number of photographic filters that can be applied to one’s images. You can change the temperature of the image, add an “icy” illusion in the image, give the photograph an older look and even highlight some special portion of the picture. All these effects are used on the computers only because most of the Smartphones can’t obtain such high accuracy and quality.

Ups & Downs

Everyone in the world wants a little popularity for himself at some point in his life. While Instagram may not provide you a lifetime opportunity to excel in the field of fashion, you can surely attract a number of people by sharing good quality photographs. Recent news on BBC showed that Instagram was involved in the sale of illicit drugs. In response to this, the company claimed that there are no such ads on the service and they are not involved in any kind of publicity of such products.

Still a Game to Play

Despite of all such vulnerabilities and controversies, Instagram has claimed many awards and acclaims for itself. The application bagged the “App of the year” 2011 award in December 2012 by Apple Inc. and much more for the showcase. There are many additional products and features provided by Instagram that are available for the public. So don’t stop yourself from sharing that cool picture of yours! Get Instagram today and enjoy your share of popularity and limelight!

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