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Instagram App offers the perfect way for turning mundane photographs and videos into cool ones that you can share with friends. It is a popular application for sharing videos and photos with friends as well as any other Instagram member. The application has also added a video with its updates. It enables addition of filters to the pictures before you post the feed. You can also access other cool features, such as adjusting the brightness, contrast and so on with the Lux Slider update. Users are using the application to create a story of their life with videos and photos.

How to Get Started

It is easy to get started on Instagram by registering at the site, giving your email id, your username and a password. You can also configure it to automatically send your posts to the social media. You can select autoposts for Facebook, Twitter or Flicker as well as Foursquare, Posterous and Tumblr. Alternatively, you can also share the pictures in the application itself or through email. If you don’t feel like sharing the posts with everyone, you can turn the options off as well.

Filters and Effects

After getting connected with the app, you can take a picture and move it or scale it, adding filters and effects to it. You then click on the “Done” icon and share the moment with others. There are many customized filters that can result in different effects, such as retro, grainy look, tilting and shifting options. The auto straightener feature can set the horizon right. The slider included in the application enables fine tuning effects. The Lux slider is represented as the sun icon and is very useful. It offers greater control to add a caption, with geo-tagging options before sharing.

Shooting and Sharing Videos – A Social Video App

Apart from photos, you can also shoot videos and add the effects and filters before sharing them. There is a button that shifts from photo to video. You touch it to start shooting and let it go when you want to stop. The app allows you to shoot 15 seconds non-stop. There are features that allow you to delete a particular section, so that you don’t have to start again right from the start. There are options from 13 new types of filters. You can view these filters and view them live with the video playing, without waiting for a rendering. Cinema is an added stabilizer that makes the shot more stable.

Importing Videos

Another update in Instagram enables the user to import a video that already exists in your library. However, it does not offer support for all types of files. You can mark the starting and ending points of the video, but it is limited to the usual 15 seconds. It is expected that there will be additions in the form of editing features for bringing together multiple clips. However, this feature in Instagram will result in cluttering your feed with several videos. This might be annoying to those looking out for photos alone, as both are offered in a single common feed. You are also not allowed to filter these out.

Exploring Videos and Photos

After you sign up for the Instagram app, you can not only post videos and photos but also follow other users. You can make comments and like others’ photos. Since the app is integrated with Facebook, you can also like it in Facebook. There is an additional popular list, showing the popular photos from all the users. You can also use the Explore sector, the News tab showing all the latest activities by your friends. It allows you to view your friends’ comments, what they have viewed and what they are currently looking at.

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