HTC One (M8) vs LG G Pro 2 – A Comparison of Specs, Features and Price

Both the LG G Pro 2 and the HTC One M8 have amazing cameras, which is the main reason for their fame.

You can buy the HTC One M8, which was released in March 2014, for around $650, whereas the price of the LG G Pro 2 is about$900, but it has only been released in Korea and in the eastern markets in February 2014 and not yet launched in other markets. 

Screen and Display

Both the phones operate on the same Android operating system, 4.4 KitKat version, with the LG G Pro having a slightly bigger screen of 5.9 inches compared to the 5 inches of the One M8 from HTC. The pixel density of the HTC One is, however, better at 441 ppi, compared to the 373 ppi of the LG G Pro 2. The HTC One uses the Super LCD technology, with the LG G Pro using the IPS LCD technology. The HTC One has a smaller display screen, but it is sharper. The HTC One measures 9.4 mm in depth, and weighs 160 g, compared to the LG G Pro 2 at 8.3 mm depth and weighing more at 172 g. If you are considering portability as an important factor, the HTC One M8 is a better option, as it is lighter, but the LG Pro 2 is slimmer.

Battery and Storage

The battery life talk time of the HTC One is also superior at 20 hours compared to the 8 hours of the LG G Pro 2, though the battery capacity of the HTC One is lower at 2600 mAh, compared to the 3200 mAh of the LG G Pro 2. The overall battery performance of both the devices is above average, but the display being the biggest drain for a phone battery, the LG G Pro 2 suffers as it has a bigger display.

Both the devices are offered with an internal storage of 16 GB, but the One M8 can be expanded with a card up to a maximum of 128 GB, whereas the maximum for the G Pro 2 is 64 GB with a card.

Camera Features Comparison 

The HTC One M8 has an UltraPixel camera of 4 MP Resolution, able to capture more light capable of taking excellent pictures in low light conditions. On the other hand, the LG G Pro 2 has a 13 MP camera along with optical image stabilization features and an LED Flash, take better color images. As for the front camera, the HTC One has a better pixilation of 5-MP compared to the 2.1 MP of the LG G Pro, with the maximum video resolution in both the cases being the same 1080p. The LG G Pro 2 offers Optical image stabilization options, but the HTC One has a Burst Mode and an UltraPixel specification, lacking in the LG G Pro 2. Both the phones can, however, record HD video.

Hardware and Performance Specs

The LG G Pro 2 clocks at a lower CPU speed of 2.26 compared to the HTC One at 2.3, but it has a higher RAM capacity of 3072 MB compared to the 2048 MB of the HTC One. Both the phones offer support for LTE connectivity as well, though the speed will depend on the carrier you use. Both the devices also offer support for NFC, Wi Fi, Mobile Hotspot tethering and Bluetooth version 4.0.


Though the LG G Pro 2 has a bigger screen display, both the devices have the same pixel resolution, which shows that the One M8 from HTC has a higher pixel density than the G Pro 2 from LG. If you are not too concerned about the price, the LG G Pro 2 is a better option.

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