HTC One (M8) vs iPhone 6 – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

The latest high-end smartphone from HTC, which will replace its flagship from 2013, is aimed squarely at the upcoming iPhone 6.

It is heavily anticipated that Apple will be launching this model slightly earlier than the usual launch date of September. This is due to the growing threat from the likes of Samsung and HTC followed the supremacy in the high-end segments. The HTC One M8 came out a few months ago, while this is also the case with the Samsung Galaxy S5 as well.


It has been heavily speculated that the iPhone 6 will be the thinnest phone ever to be launched. There have been several pictures claiming to be leaked images of the iPhone 6. They hint a shift towards the nonexistence of a bezel on the iPhone 6. This would enable the phone to provide a screen size of around 4.6 inches compared to the 4 inches of the current generation phones. The HTC One M8, in the meantime, has managed to take the crown as one of the best premium quality phones in the market today.

Whereas Apple did not provide aluminum throughout the body of the iPhone 5S, this feature is present in HTC One M8. It makes the phone look and feel extremely rich, which is something that arrivals from Samsung and LG cannot offer.


This mightily impressive resolution will translate into a pixel density of 415 PPI. There have also been rumors that the screen will come with a maximum resolution of 1704 x 960 pixels. Even then, this screen is unlikely to be a match for the 5 inch size in the HTC One M8. This also provides a pixel density closer to 450 PPI. The HTC phone does not rely upon technologies like the AMOLED units found in the Samsung. Instead, it comes with the Super LCD3 technology.

The Apple phone is likely to persist with the IPS panel units which have been doing its job in the iPhone for several years.

Multimedia Experience

The iPhone 5S has certainly been critically acclaimed as a great phone, but it is not the best multimedia device out there. This is because of the 4 inch touchscreen unit, which is no match for the rivals that feature closer to 5 inches. This is once again the case with the HTC One M8, which not only takes care of the picture but also the sound as well. HTC phones have been praised for their audio quality in recent years and the HTC One M8 seems to be the crowning achievement of the company.

The iPhone 6 certainly needs to come with dual speakers in order to cope with the competition from the HTC model. Right now, it features only a single speaker down near the bottom of the phone.


Due to its larger touchscreen, the HTC needs a 2600 mAh battery while the iPhone 6 may come with a 2000 mAh unit.

The HTC One M8 retails at around $ 700, which is expected to be the starting price of the iPhone 6.

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