Hasselblad H5D 50C vs Pentax 645Z – Specs, Features and Prices Comparison

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Both the Hasselblad H5D 50C and the Pentax 645Z are complete camera units, with both of them coming with medium format sensors from Sony, but the Hasselblad has an ISO of up to 6400, whereas the range of the Pentax is 204800.

Hasselblad H5D 50C – Pros and Advantages

When comparing the Hasselblad H5D 50C with the Pentax 645Z, there are many reasons for opting for the Hasselblad. The sensor in this camera is larger by .30 percent at 32.9 x 43.8 mm, whereas that of the Pentax 645Z is only 32.8 x 43.8 mm. This enables the Hasselblad to allow more light to enter the sensor and offer better image quality. The Hasselblad also has GPS capabilities, just like the Pentax. This is useful for global positioning and also in other navigation applications and for geo-tagging as well as maps.

Size and Dimensions Comparison

The Hasselblad is narrower at 153 mm compared to the wider 156 mm of the Pentax. On the other hand, the Pentax is lighter, weighing only 1550 g, whereas the Hasselblad weighs 2290 g. The screen size of the Pentax is also bigger at 3.2 inches against 3.0 inches of the Hasselblad. The Pentax is also thinner at 123 mm against the 205 mm of the Hasselblad and is shorter at 117mm against the 131 mm of Hasselblad.

Hasselblad H5D 50C – Better Image Quality

The BSI Sensor present in the Hasselblad is capable of capturing improved quality pictures even when the lighting conditions are not so good. The sharpness and quality of images are better due to this feature. The sensor shift stability feature is also able to counterbalance vibrations in the device, so that pictures are stabilized irrespective of the lens that you use.

Hasselblad – More Features

It can also give additional information about the display in the form of a live histogram, for example. The exposure time is 720 seconds compared to the 30 seconds in the Pentax. This keeps the shutter open for a longer time, so the sensor is able to absorb more light. The Firewire port is very helpful for transferring big files and live view function.

Where the Pentax 645Z Scores

The resolution of the Pentax 645Z, however, is slightly more at 51.4 MP, compared to 50 MP. It also has better light sensitivity at 204800 ISO compared to 6400 ISO, enabling the sensor to absorb more light and capture moving objects better, in low light conditions as well. The resolution at 3fps, compared to the 1.5fps of the Hasselblad, with AF JPEG format enables better continuous shooting in case of action shots. Video autofocus is faster and gives sharp movies, with a 5x faster shutter speed and it also has a 24p cinema mode for producing film like motions. This enables taking video and photos without blurring. The microphone is a stereo one and you can record movies and audio files in stereo, as with the facility of not needing any external microphone.


The Pentax is able to offer better core specifications at a reasonable price of $8500, whereas the Hasselblad is more expensive at $29,000, with a few additional features. Despite certain shortcomings, the Pentax is surely a slap in the face of the competition with respect to its excellent price performance ratio.

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