Halo 5 E3 2014 Expectations Are Huge, Release Date Possible

Even though, Phil Spencer had hardly leaked any information related to the Halo 5 release date, a majority of the gaming community strongly believes that E3 2014 will be a treat to watch out for.

The stage is an important one for Microsoft to showcase the power of their Xbox One console and an exclusive title such as the Halo series will definitely support their objectives. A representative spoke in depth about the cloud computing capabilities they are planning to introduce to the console in the near future. A detailed conference about the future of the Xbox One is expected to take place during E3 2014 and it will also be used to discuss some of the most wanted titles.

Cloud Computing

343 Industries will have a scheduled time on stage during which they will discuss about the concept of cloud power which will be shared by the console to render graphics and run the game in full 1080p resolution. The debate over which console is better in terms of raw power and resolution is going on a rage now. Microsoft is in a situation to prove their mettle and this could be the best possible time to do so. The Halo 5 teaser released at E3 2013 was definitely a surprising event because even the next Gen console was not announced back then. They simply gave a glimpse of what to expect for the audience and it worked like a charm. Now, it is the time of the year to reveal more about the game, the plot line and maybe a game play that will showcase how good it will look on the platform.

Halo 2 or Halo 5

In a previous media meet, Phil Spencer spoke in length about a Halo 2 anniversary edition and its focus on multiplayer aspect. He didn’t confirm anything about the existence of such a special edition but based on information leaked, E3 2014 is about to reveal the game and also specify info related to Halo 5. If they are planning to release the anniversary edition first, then the new Halo has higher chances of getting released towards the end of the year. Some speculations claim that it could be pushed even further to early 2015 which seems like a long time to wait. The next gen console has limited games at the moment and there are hardly any exclusives to talk about except for Titanfall.

At this rate, the Xbox One needs a game that can show off the console in its best way and Halo 5 is the title that could make this possible. The beta keys for the multiplayer version of the upcoming title are expected to be distributed along with the purchase of the anniversary edition. The event is just a couple of weeks away and everyone has already started speculating stuff. The company representative Phil Spencer revealed that they are working hard to make the 90 minutes look extremely impressive. So, it must have some most wanted games and Halo could be one of them for sure.

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