Halo 5 Confirmed to be in E3, Release Date Reveal Expected

The new Xbox One trailer text sheet showed a glimpse of the upcoming Halo 5, an exclusive series that sold Xbox 360 and Xbox consoles in the past.

There was much speculation that only the Halo 2 anniversary edition is coming to the dais during the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2014 but the new trailer plan leaked from the Microsoft stable confirms that it is not the case. The company has been quite busy trying to milk the franchise as much as possible because it is one of their exclusives that got the potential to move the machine off the shelves. So far, Xbox One has reported only five million consoles shipped whereas Sony PlayStation 4 claims they have sold seven million consoles.

Trailer Content Leaked

There is a huge dearth for Microsoft in terms of sales but all is not lost because a console generation’s fate cannot be determined in a few months. If they could just bring out those titles that are exclusive to the platform and has the ability to make players buy the next gen without having to think twice, Microsoft might fill up the gap and pave way for a great gaming era for the upcoming years. While industry analysts had different claims, it was evident that they need to show off some goodies that will keep the crowd entertained and a Halo 5 reveal definitely sounds like a clean move. After all, if they could show a teaser during E3 2013, it is given that the company should show some more this year without disappointing their ardent fans.

The company simply wants to keep it under wraps even now because the text that revealed the game’s place during the E3 conference has been claimed to be just a placeholder and it is not an official confirmation of any release date announcement, says the representatives. They are doing their best to make sure this is not an official announcement but rather continue to use the same statement of Halo journey will continue in 2014. We all know now that an anniversary edition with strong focus on multiplayer is coming but it is the new game that players are looking forward to most. It could be a trailer release during the E3 conference or something more than that but until Microsoft officially talks about Halo 5 during the show, you just can’t be sure.

A Gaming Box

They have a strong ninety minute conference scheduled to reveal a wide range of upcoming titles on the next gen platform and Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox has confirmed the team is confident of what they have got to offer. It is going to be the ultimate conference where Microsoft has the responsibility to convince gamers that they are indeed a gaming platform and has some must have games in it. The Halo series is also set to become a television series produced by Steven Spielberg and talks are on to seal the deal. More information and announcement related to many other games is expected during the press conference.

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