Half Life 3 Concept Art Spotted, Counter Strike Creator Confirms

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This is not a joke! We repeat this is not a joke, a rumor or a speculation!

Since the last decade, whenever the world Half Life 3 is uttered, it is considered as a rumor or simply a speculation. The term has paved way for hundreds of internet memes that continue to circle the web and people joke about HL3 these days. What started off as a speculation, became a rumor, then a myth and now it is on the verge of becoming a legend foretold by our great grandfathers. If another decade passes without Gabe making an announcement, this is going to be a title that fathers will introduce their sons as a game that they longed to play in their mid-twenties.

HL3 and Left 4 Dead 3 Under Development

Putting an end to this long time rumor, a credible source has finally spoken up and it indeed looks promising. The word comes from the Counter Strike mod creator Minh Gooseman who is also a former Valve employee. He confirms that there is indeed a Half Life 3 in development and Left 4 Dead 3 as well. Speaking to the media, he said that he is not in a position to share everything he has seen so far but he got a chance to see a glimpse of the HL3 concept art being in the works. The interview took place during the pod cast in goRGNtv in which the creator further added that what he saw closely resembled a Half Life universe. In his speech, the representative revealed that this could be old news by now but the fact is, Valve has spoken nothing about any such game in development. They continue to stay silent over a HL3 or LFD 3 which stirs the rumors further, adding to speculated stories that are churned out every month.

Valve Is Still Silent

A year ago an official documentation revealed the existence of these most wanted games. When everyone was glad that it is indeed in development, Gabe Newen had an entirely different story to say. He revealed that Valve is not so much interested in churning out sequels with Half Life 3 and Half Life 4 but rather they would focus on good multi-player games. True to his word, the team which was part of the Left 4 Dead series is now coming with a title named Evolve. The four player combat multi-player game pits them against a human controlled monster which sets pace for an interesting online element. The reach level of the game is to be seen only after it officially makes it way to the platforms.

Everything about Valve continues to be a mystery and their future plans are always in a state of dilemma. The steam machines which were slated to get released this year had been postponed to 2015 because the team is not ready with their Steam controllers yet. However, the Steam OS is slowly picking up pace and some games are already being made for this platform that will also make its debut next year to compete directly with the next gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One.

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