GTA 5 Online Game Updates: Free Download DLC, Business and High Life Update

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GTA 5 is amazingly huge and has so much content, being updated regularly, that the player could play it for months and still not see everything in it.

Free DLC Pack

The Rockstar Newswire announced the new update in March 2014 which would bring in a free DLC pack. It would also offer additional sports cars, such as the Dinka Jester, the Grotti Turismo Rand and the Albany Alpha as also a new airplane, the Vestra. The update will also offer additional weapons, such as the Heavy Pistol as well as the Special Carbine, with many new outfits and hairstyles and tattoos along with masks that the player can buy in GTAO.

The Valentine Day Massacre also offers a special DLC park released on February 14th 2014, including new features, such as the Gusenberg Sweeper weapon along with the vehicle called Albany Roosevelt.

This is available in the GTA online version as well as the Story Mode. Rockstar is also adding ten additional jobs, with promises of more to come in the way of Heists in GTA online and a DLC pack for Dangerous business.

Business Update – High Life Update May 2014

A new business update is available from May 2014, with the High Life update from Rockstar Games. They have announced the availability of a new DLC pack for free for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The High Life update enables players to purchase another safehouse, so that they can double the living space. It will also help players to double their online storage capacity of vehicles.

Vehicles can be stored in double apartment garages and you can add new things in them. This could be in the form of the three new luxury cars or you could add a new bike to the collection. Players can now purchase the Pegassi Zentorno Super, the Enus Huntley S SUV, the Dinka Thrust motorcycle or the Dewbauchee Massacro, Sports, all of which are available for purchase.

Players can access these vehicles from any of the garages in the Story Mode. In addition, players can now purchase the Bullpup Rifle from the Ammunition.

Features in the Update

The new High Life Update also contains some additional features, such as eight additional contact missions along with four additional land races. The feature of Friend Spectate can also be accessed from the friends’ menu. There are some new toasts and celebrations accessible to players along with additional clothing. Another addition to the High Life Update is the Non Contact, which is added to the Race options.

This feature enables the player to experience standard Races and disable the collisions occurring between vehicles. In this feature, you will still be able to view other players, but they will appear semi transparent and you can still continue to collide with traffic related to non players as well as any other structure or scenery.

Players can also utilize the Mental State stat. This feature informs players about another player who is dangerous or who is crazy. This will help the player to prepare himself appropriately according to the GTA fashion. The High Life Update is an automatic update for GTA online and offers five additional options for the Los Santos market, in different locations, such as Richards Majestic and Eclipse Towers among others. All of these will offer a new interior designing.

Players will also be able to access ownership of multiple properties, so that owning two different properties is possible simultaneously.

Further Updates Expected

There is no further news about the release dates for the Heists, which were earlier announced by Rockstar Games. However, it seems that Rockstar appear to have other plans in store for GTA online, with jetpacks and skis to be prepared for launching in the web version of GTA V.

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