GTA 5 May Get Release Date Announcement on PC and Next Gen at E3

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Ahsan Rasheed, also popularly known as ‘Thuway’ in the gaming industry, is an enthusiast and the guy is responsible for bringing out a slew of news from inside sources.

Even though, everything he has shared about the upcoming E3 and the big plans of Microsoft as well as Sony is pure speculation, the insider has a strong record of revealing leaks which actually made its way to the news weeks later. So, if he says that GTA 5 is indeed coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One shortly, then you may have to believe him because most ardent fans want some good news at this point. Constraining the performance and expansion capabilities of a huge game on an older generation console sounds so unjustifiable, which is why everyone wants Rockstar to stop creating such unwanted barriers.

Insiders Confirms

Even if they claim that it is a marketing gimmick to sell them on the platforms, it has been achieved as the game has made $1 billion in revenue which is seriously high that what may have gone into production costs. Besides, the title got released in the month of September 2013 and it’s been such a long time. A release date announcement at this point maybe during E3 or after the event sounds feasible. Rockstar has a strong history of being adamant with their announcements and they hardly speak up until the date comes close. It is not only the PC edition but also the PS4 and Xbox One editions that are at stake as well. Both consoles require some good titles to enter the mainstream gaming market.

The insider Thuway in his Twitter feed said that the next gen as well as PC versions of GTA 5 is eventually coming. The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 has gained huge prominence because it is the first ever conference after the next gen consoles got released and this time the focus will be entirely on game titles. A wide range of new IPs and franchise announcements are expected at the conference floor. Both Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that they are all set to impress the crowd. There’s no arguing that these companies can leave a mark only when they are supported by big developers such as Rockstar. GTA 5 is the most anticipated title on the other platforms and supported by the GTA Online features, it has gained huge accolades in the gaming community.

Non-stop Updates

The studio is pretty busy rolling out new updates and the upcoming one is the High Life update on the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. If the game is going to get released maybe in the next couple of months on the next gen consoles and PC, it is expected to have all these updates incorporated in it already. Some speculate that there could be an official announcement during E3 but it is highly unlikely because Rockstar hasn’t made such announcements so far and they usually stick to their own private announcements. The game will be a huge success if it gets released in time on new platforms and the developers should understand this fact and bring it out without further delay.

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