GTA 5 High Life Update Lands on May 13th, Rockstar Confirms

Keeping up with the release schedules, Rockstar has now officially announced that the High Life update which will give players an opportunity to own luxury apartments and premium cars in their garage will be available for download on May 13th.

The company earlier posted in their blog that the next update is scheduled for release in the month of May but they didn’t reveal any specific dates. The media speculated last week that it could be postponed until the third or fourth week of the month, but they have put an end to all speculations by officially announcing the date. It is not only a joyous time to feel happy for this release but there’s another interesting update waiting as well. Once the high life update lands on the consoles, it’s time to get the online heists ready which could very well come out in the month of June.

New Apartments and Vehicles

The summer of 2014 is getting interested for gamers and Grand Theft Auto fans because the company has been releasing a slew of updates since February that are changing the game, making it more addictive than ever before. Once the update lands, players will be able to purchase luxury apartments in venues including Richards Majestics and the Eclipse Towers. It will have brand new interiors which are premium and classy, according to a representative who spoke about the content recently in a Rockstar blog. Besides, it will also bring in new luxury cars including Dewbauchee Massacro sports car and a Pegassi Zentorno super car. There will be a Dinka Thrust motorcycle and Enus Huntley S SUV to drive as well for group missions.

A wide range of new features, weapons and stuff will be added to GTA 5 when the High Life updates lands on PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. The game is going on a great run with its online features which will now get new horns, a Bullup rifle to blow enemies and some clothing options. There will be new jobs and the Capture Creator has now paved way for plenty of new jobs created by the players themselves. Rockstar is encouraging them by bringing the best jobs into spotlight and rewarding them with huge in-game currency.

Non-Contact Mode

Besides allowing players to own more than one luxury apartment and store cars in the garage, the update is also going to bring the Non-Contact mode in races. It has been officially confirmed and will make it easy to conduct races in non-contact mode where collision will be disabled. Players will be translucent so that it can avoid cheating in races but buildings, NPC players and other vehicles found in the maps will have collision as usual. They will act as hurdles to deter you from winning races and it is up to you to overcome them. The update brings new celebrations, over 15 new jobs, 5 contact missions and a mental state alert system which will let you whether a player who approaches you is hostile so that you can keep your guns at the ready.

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