GTA 5 High Life Game Updates, Bug Fixes and More Items

Rockstar Games is the developer of the highly successful Grand Theft Auto 5 or the GTA 5. They have released the latest title update TU 1.11 for this video game based on action and adventure in March 2014.

Prior to this, there were updates in February this year as well. Several fans of this game all over the world have eagerly awaited the latest update 1.11 along with the Business update.

Adding Fun

The TU 1.11 for GTA 5 brings in a lot of meaningful changes to the game, adding to the fun by introducing new clothes and tattoos as well as masks, weapons, vehicles and new celebrations. There are also some fixes for certain exploits, such as the capability of giving nitrous boosts for vehicles and blowing a Titan in Hangar.

New Clothing items have been added in the clothes store and tattoos in the tattoo parlors. There are four additional hairstyles, two for men and two for women in the Salons and in the Barbers. You can also get new masks from the Vespucci movie masks. Grotti Turismo R and Dinka Jester as well as Albany Alpha and the Buckingham Vestra have four more vehicles, with three cars and one plane with these dealers.

Valentine Day Update

GTA 5 also got an update to coincide with the Valentine’s Day Massacre, with the return of Rat Loader, a pickup truck offered for free. The update also included a fix for moderating behavior, with players being made to make payments with respect to hospital bills if they kill any passive player. In addition, many other glitches related to exploitation have also been resolved, with the Rat Loader again being available for the GTA online.

The Mechanic was removed in case of delivering the personal vehicle, with a vehicle being created nearby in its place. The interaction menu also sees a new addition, so that the priority for attacking friends has now been reduced or lowered. If you are a solo player, you can earn GTA dollars through Races. Another addition was the Blow Kiss, a celebration for showing love.

Fixes in Valentine Day Update – February 2014

Another fix in the Valentine Day update offered a correction for the time display in the pool timer for Bad Sport and also fixes for many exploits related to vehicle duplication. Excessive RP was being allowed in the missions by many exploits and this was also fixed.

The Cornrows haircut that showed many problems was also fixed along with a fix for characters becoming bald when they used a mask. The story models had a problem with the shops closing down without their blips and this too was resolved with this update.

High Life Update – What to Expect

The latest update is the May 2014 update of the High Life, which you can now download. It has loads of new content and also additional exciting features to enhance the gaming experience. Several game modes are now offered and Creators bring you more tools to make the job unique. You can check out tips for creating the best Races and the Death matches and produce balanced Captures as well.

You can now expand your position in Los Santos by downloading the High Life Update for GTA, with top end apartments as well as ownership of several properties, many more vehicles as well as the Bullpup Rifle among others. In addition, the bank balance can be increased and your notoriety can be boosted, while preparing yourself for the new apartments and the amazing cars with other amenities coming along in the High Life update coming up in May.

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