Google Talk Shortcuts You Have to Learn

Google Talk (Gtalk) is a very lightweight application that does not confuse your processor or take a lot of bandwidth.

The memory usage is also much lower, which led to its gradual increase and a rising preference for it over other instant messaging services such as MSN and Yahoo Messenger. The fact, that you could access your Gtalk account along with your mail, is something that made it extremely convenient as well. So if you want to make your Gtalk sessions even more convenient, find out about these shortcuts you can use.

Formatting in Your Chart Window

If you like your punctuations and your punches, you will want some formatting on your chat window. If you want a line break, just hold shift and press enter. You can also bold text by putting an * before and after the words. You can bold an entire sentence or just a few words from it – as per your convenience. By using the asterisks, you can even bold multiple words in the same sentence. Similarly, if you want to italicize your text, you can put a _ before and after the required words.

Functions with Chat Windows

There are times when you are chatting with multiple contacts at the same time. If you want to switch between multiple chat windows, just hold Ctrl and press I. This will let you move from one window to another. Repeat this until you are on the window you want. If you have some other work, for which you want to minimize your chat window, use Alt+ESC keys. This works when you have a window open as a popup. If you are chatting within your Gmail page, this shortcut will not help you. If you want to restore that window, just click on WINDOWS + ESC. Again, this will only be useful if you have minimized a popped out chat window. It will not work if the chat window is within the Gmail page.

Other Gtalk Tips

If someone has sent you an invitation for Gtalk, you do not have to reply to him or her. In fact, if you ignore the request, it will automatically vanish in a while. It is also useful to know that you cannot type in a message more than 32767 characters in one go. So if you have a large message on your hands, break it up or Gtalk will not relay your message. Many people think that their Gmail handles are their Gtalk chat names, but what they do not know is that in your account settings, there is a way to change your Gtalk chat name. All web URLs shared in a chat are clickable. Gtalk has its own list of emoticons that you can use. It has a section for emoticons and you can choose whatever you want to use directly from there. If not, you can key in characters for the emoticons. You can get a list of them from the Gtalk help page. Some emoticons are even animated.

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