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While both the apps offer nearly same facilities and can be easily termed as competitors, but it pays to know that Waze was acquired by Google. Perhaps, Google acquired Waze for the simple reason that it didn’t want Waze to be acquired by fellow competitors like Facebook, Apple or even Yahoo. Waze is definitely a top choice among users and Google has no plans of integrating it with maps to confound the users.

Still, as a user, if you are looking to find out the better choice between the two of them, we will go through the features offered by both of them so that you can come to the right conclusion.

The Pros of Using Google Maps

We all are aware of the kind of popularity that Google maps enjoy. You can find the details of the different routes that you can take. Ever since the new update has been launched, Google maps can do a lot more. You can find details of the top events that will be hosted and you will have the links to book the ticket too.

Finding a place on the map is much easier and you can toggle between earth view and satellite view. You can also check out the top places and restaurants and other spots on the way. Google apps is the top choice for those who are visiting a place for the first time. It is convenient, reliable and is perhaps one of the top rated navigation apps. The fact that you can find public transits as well makes it robust and best for your use.

The Pros of Waze

What sets Waze apart from Google maps or any of the other navigation apps has to be the fact that it offers community support and you can get live updates about the traffic condition. Users will update the traffic feed and this is one of the smartest ways of understanding the roads that you should avoid.

If you are in a hurry and you are running short of time, it is Waze that will be a better choice as compared to Google maps. The reason is that traffic can be unreliable and can lead to substantial delays. When you are using Waze, you will have an idea of the traffic condition and if the road that you have decided to opt for is going to be busy, you can always choose an alternate route and thereby save your time.

Further, it is easier to find where your friends are heading because you have the option of synchronizing it with Facebook. This is an excellent way to catch up with your friends and know each other’s plans and stay connected. The community feel that this app offers makes it much more than any other navigation app.

The Final Verdict

While it will be wrong to write off Google apps because of the diverse options it offers and the endless data it holds, yet Waze too is slowly becoming one of the best apps as far as navigation is concerned.

It is hard to pick one between the two and hail it to be the finest choice for the simple reason that both of them have their own specialties to offer. The choice should be made based upon your set of preferences and what you are looking for.

When you are looking to socialize and catch up with your friends and plan an outing or even when you are bugged about traffic and other road events, Waze looks to be a much better choice for you. For other occasions, Google maps might still be the first preference for many.

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