Google Maps vs Waze – Choosing the Best Navigation App

Google has acquired Waze in 2013 for a whopping $1.3 billion price tag, but Waze remains to operate independently.

To this day, there has been no known integration between the two, although it seemed more likely that Google bought Waze for its user engagement. We say that Google was a step ahead of other giant companies such as Apple and Facebook before these two even thought of getting their hands on Waze’s user engagement. The question remains, however: which maps should you continue to use?

How Waze Works

Waze is a voice-enabled GPS navigation app that provides turn-by-turn driving directions. What makes Waze stands out from other navigation apps is its real-time traffic data that appears along your route. This is based from other drivers who are also using the app. You will be connected to these users automatically and Waze gathers data that could affect your route.

Waze Features

Waze drivers can report these accidents, traffic, and other data, which can be very useful. To send a report, just tap the exclamation point found at the bottom right of the screen. Voice prompts are also pretty clear and understandable, but its volume is too low. When one of your passengers spoke at the same time as the voice prompt, there is a good chance that you will miss it.

How Google Maps Works

Even before, Google Maps was one of the best navigation apps available on both iOS and on the Android. Now that it has incorporated Waze’s user engagement, it has been getting rave reviews from its users. Aside from its beautiful maps, transit data time, and real-time traffic information, Google Maps has also added an extra feature that allows you to view other important venues along your route.

Google Maps Features

Google Maps also boasts of integration of different forms of transportation such as walking, public transportation, and cycling. It also shows other places such as coffee shops, drugstores, and restaurants that can be found along your route. Google Maps also finds you a different route once a real-time traffic data has been gathered and this can affect your trip.


This is one of those circumstances that perfectly fits the saying “two is better than one.”While Google Maps alone is already an amazing navigation app, it sure will not hurt anyone if you also choose to download Waze. Both apps are free to download so there is more reason to use them. Waze’s use of crowd sourcing is as helpful as can be, if only for its accidents and heavy traffic reports. On the other hand, if you rely mostly on walking and public transit as your means of transportation, Waze may not be the best app for you since its strength is traffic data.

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