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Google Maps refer to the online mobile and desktop mapping services offered by Google. These services include providing satellite images, street maps and view perspectives as well as route planner function services. Google Maps also support embedded third-party maps found in other websites. The Google Maps for mobile became the world’s most popular app for smartphones in 2013 with an approximated 54% per day use by smartphone owners. The satellite imagery is updated regularly with a three-year maximum limit. It provides high quality images of most urban centers in the world from high-resolution aerial/satellite cameras. There are many cool things about Google Maps which have now become essential for any online business or client. Some include;

Route planner

This feature is an ultimate beauty to anyone living in this century where traveling and appointments involve visiting unfamiliar locations. It helps travelers, whether on foot, by bicycle, motor or car, plan the route they will use to reach their destination. This is also important as the mobile version for Smartphones can help those who are lost to easily retrace their path. The cool thing about Google Maps is that it includes public places where one can get assistance or aid in case of any need during travel.

Some examples are:

  • Petrol stations
  • Health centers
  • Restaurants/hotels

They also have parks, schools and water bodies (oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, swamps) among others.

Google listings

Google collects information from several sources and uses this to list companies and profiles. Listing is very important as it allows one to set the precise geographical location of their business thereby enabling their customers to search and find them. This is also an advantage to customers since they can simply search for the business and get directions as well as high quality images of how the premises look. The cool thing about Google’s place listing is that it requires simple configuration and the rest of work is done by the maps search engine. Studies are still ongoing to identify how searches can be optimized to offer business insights on how to improve their listing. Many profiles are listed and only need claiming to verify the locations.


Unlike the physical maps, Google Maps can be zoomed to a very close view to show how all roads and streets interlock. They are also integrated with automatic distance calculators to help users know the exact places they are searching for. A few businesses have embedded maps in their websites to improve visual appeal as well as direct consumers. The zooming enhances organization and efficiency in job management. For instance, transport companies can show schedules of trains, their routes as well as travel and departure times on the maps, with full real-time images.


Google Maps are a great online phenomenon that should not be ignored by any literate person. They are easy to set up and require no IT specialists or infrastructures. The new development includes the Google Maps APIs that can be used to track assets boundaries based on geo-fence alerts by geo-locate devices. This feature also allows one to track lost/stolen phones. Various cool things about Google Maps can be explored in different dimensions to expose just how amazing these app are.

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