Google Glass Features, Specs & Price – Moverio BT-200 Rival

Wearable Computer

Google Glass was started by Google in order to introduce a display technology that is hands free. The user can use voice commands and interact with the device. He can get information, take part in Google+ Hangouts or get any information from the Internet, entirely through voice commands. Now, Google Glass also comes with prescription glass frames. You can purchase it for around $1500 including tax.

Google Glass and the iOS

It is more suitable for purchase if you are an Android person, rather than an Apple one. However, today, there is an iOS MyGlass application that increases the compatibility of the Google Glass with the iPhone. You can tap on the Glass and send SMS responses hands free. If you wish to navigate maps, you will have to keep MyGlass application open on your phone and not just present in the background. However, these features are totally absent for users of Windows Phone 8.

Using Voice Commands

You can take hands-free photographs merely by saying the words, “Okay Glass, take a picture”. You can also give it instructions for uploading the resulting image or the viewed image to social media, like Facebook or Twitter. It is also useful for setting flight reminders. The Google Now will remind you and automatically beam the flight information to your eye, the weather in the destination city. You can also get directions for the airport through the software. There is no need of your smartphone for such work, as the Google Glass will flash all this information in the right corner of your vision.

Google Glass 2

The Google Glass 2 is the updated version of the Explorer Edition. It offers additional accessories as well as prescription glasses, which offer compatibility with the frames. There are also additional updates and new applications to this liner OS available in this new version.

The Google Glass is still a prototype and somewhat of a curiosity. This is probably because of its exorbitant price. Donning the Google Glass makes you an object of wonder. It was initially offered to developers, so that they could improve the experience. However, today, anyone living the US can buy it. You can get it with attachments of free frames in case of prescription glasses and even shade attachments for sunglasses. This would of course cost an additional amount of around $225. The Google Glass is likely to be released sometime this year in the US as well. It is shipped to addresses located in the US, but the company prefers beta testers to pick it from the SFO or LA offices or the New York office.

The Look – Specs

The headband made of titanium is durable and stretches from one ear to the other. The plastic casing covers the key components and provides a neat and subtle look. The glass sports a resolution of 640 x 360 p and does not block the wearer’s line of vision. It is 5.25 inches at its widest and 8 inches at the longest point. The new Google Glass also comes in the same colors as the original, in black, white, gray, blue or orange. The battery performance has considerably improved after the KitKat update from Android, but it is a power eating wearable. It is lightweight and quite comfortable at 42g. The interaction is through a touchpad of 3.25 inches. It also has a USB port where you can charge the device, with a camera button on the top. Inside the touchpad, near your temple, you will find the button that opens all the important apps.

Set up

You have to set up the Wi Fi and pair it up with your smartphone. To wake up the phone, you have to tilt your head at 30 degrees. This is a gesture way for turning on the display whenever it goes into the blank mode for conserving the battery.

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