Google Chrome – Update Your Browser to the Version 35

The stable version of Google Chrome has recently been introduced and the older versions are being upgraded right as we speak.

On Chrome OS, Android and other Google products, these updates have been automatic and are being distributed freely all over the world. This is the biggest update to the Chrome Browser yet, and the browser has now received a lot of bug fixes as well as many improvements for Windows, Linus, and Mac machines.

What will the Update Offer?

This latest release offers a lot more developer control to the developers – who will now have higher touch input control, many new extensions, JavaScript features, improved Shadow DOM capabilities, and many new apps. Many new security and performance improvements are also being included in this new version of the Google Chrome. In addition to all this, users can now expect improved stability and much less crashes than ever before.

What to Expect

Though the basic update has already been rolled out, the next few days will see a lot of other feature enhancements and security updates rolling out. Since this is the most stable and high performing version of Google Chrome yet, it will be available for all devices, including Android and non-Android smartphones. For the first time, Google has introduced support for folders in their Chrome OS, so that users have greater ease in arranging their apps. Therefore, that is something users have been awaiting eagerly. Among the enhancements, you can expect the Undo Tab Close feature, the ability to watch videos on full screen, along with their subtitles, and much greater HTML5 controls. Chrome will also have greater support for multi-window devices.

Chrome for the Future

While Google has released the stable Chrome for Android, it has also launched the Version 35.0.1916.117 of Chrome Beta for the devices powered by Android. Mac, Windows and Linux users will also get the update on the Dev Channel for Chrome browser. This is available with Chrome’s beta Version 36.0.1985.18. For all Chrome OS devices, Google has launched the 35.0.1916.116 beta channel update. These development channels are required for future app and software releases and make it more convenient for developers to build, test, and update their apps and software before stable release versions are distributed.

What is Not Included?

There was much speculation about the inclusion of improving URLs and task boxes for future versions of the Chrome. However, that has not yet happened. This improvement was aimed at giving better security to users – especially against phishing attacks. Shorter origin related URLs discourage phishers from creating similar URLs or URL offshoots. Though Google has been experimenting with this new URL system, they had not really expected to launch it right with this particular release. Google Chrome’s popularity has been ever rising. In 2012, it surpassed Microsoft’s popularity to become the most popular web browser, and over the years, it has added many new features as well. The future appears only to be brighter than the past.

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