Garmin Forerunner 620 and 910XT GPS Watch – Features and Specs Comparison

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Garmin Forerunner 620 and the 910XT are GPS sport watches offered by Garmin and are mainly targeted at athletes and roadrunners. They are very accurate in measuring distances and speed as well as other important measurements of time and pace, altitude and also the heart rate. The series has many models ranging from the 110, 210, 405, 610, 310XT and several others.

Garmin 620 – Where it Scores

Both are very advanced GPS watch, with Wi-Fi and other functionalities. The Garmin 620 has a lot of benefits when compared to the 910XT. For instance, it comes with an alarm clock, so that you can set the time for waking up or for reminders. The weight of the 620 is also less than the 910XT, at 43g compared to the 72g of the 910XT. The 620 has a better battery life of 42 days, compared to 1 day of the 910XT, so you don’t need to worry about charging it everyday.

You can also operate the smartwatch very easily just by pressing on the touching screen, whereas the 910XT does not have a touchscreen. Bluetooth wireless technology is also present in the 620, enabling you to easily transfer any data to and from tablets or computers or from your smartphone. If you want any activity report or data, these are analyzed and you can view them through the application or through the website. You can use this data to make changes to activities and improve them to achieve better results.

Garmin 620 – Better Functionalities

Achievements are also rewarded and this gives support and encouragement to the user, as he gets awards when he reaches certain goals, providing motivation. It has Wi Fi connectivity and is compatible with the Android as well as the iOS. The accelerometer present in the device is particularly useful, as it is very functional, such as detecting changes from vertical position to horizontal position and so on. It is also smaller in height at 45 mm compared to 61 mm of the 910XT and narrower at 45 mm compared to 54 mm of the 910XT.

Garmin 910XT – Interesting and Useful Features

It has a longer GPS battery life of 20 hours as against 10 hours, so you will surely not run out of battery while on an adventure. The barometer feature present in this device is especially useful, as it can measure the air pressure and also make predictions about the weather. For instance, if there is a sudden fall in the barometric pressure, you could infer that there might be a storm. You can also measure altitude and this enables GPS watches to provide greater accuracy. The device is also geocaching friendly, which means that the user will be able to take part in geocaching and finding treasures or hiding them and so on. The route tracker feature helps the user to add his rout on the map. You can share this route with others in the community and it can also be useful when treading on the same route again.

Interesting features in the 910XT also include one that measure the amount of fat that is consumed, being very useful for those are aiming at weight loss. You can also upload maps and explore new places. The multi sport mode enables the user to view various sports, such as cycling or running and is very useful for triathletes. Another feature is the compass used for navigation and for games. A stroke counter helps the user to count swimming strokes, whereas the vibration alerts are useful for interval training.

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