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Spotify is such a fantastic service and we have to be thankful to the creators of it. Unfortunately, they have to earn money too which means we have to pay for the service. It is a good thing you have the chance to try the service out for a month and you won’t have to pay a dime. It just takes a little bit of patience since the whole process is going to take a while. Here are the 6 steps you are going to have to take:

1) Head over to the Spotify free trial page

You can type in Spotify free trial page on Google so you would end up on the actual page or just click here. When you get there, you just have to search for the Start Free Trial button so the process would get under way.

2) Log in with your Spotify account

If you don’t have a Spotify account then you can sign up and create one. It is not going to take long as you just have to fill in a few details that you already know. In fact, that entire process would probably eat up only 5 minutes of your time. If you don’t want to go through that entire process then you can log in using your Facebook account. That would be much easier since almost everyone in the world has a Facebook account since you use it to connect with friends. It even made its creator the youngest millionaire in the world.

3) Enter account details

When you create a Spotify account, you are going to choose a username and password just like other sites. You should choose the username and password that you always use so that you would remember it since it would be a hassle if you forget it right away. You will also enter an email and if you use numerous emails then choose the one that you always use. You are also going to enter your birth date and gender and a confirmation letter will be sent to your email right away.

4) Select payment method

There is a variety of ways to pay at Spotify including credit card and Paypal. Of course, you won’t be able to pay in cash since it is online. You must choose the ones you already have an account on so you won’t have to waste time signing up for an account again. The most advisable way here is Paypal though. After that, you must enter your zip code and you would already be on your way.

5) Type in credit card details

You are going to have to enter your correct credit card information. You won’t be charged a single dime for this though. You just have to cancel the subscription after a month. If you don’t do that then they will charge you on the next month. You must click on Confirm Payment after that.

6) Check receipt

You must now double-check in order to see if everything you entered is correct. You can click on Download Spotify if you don’t have it yet but if you do then you can use it already.

There could be a step seven here but we’ll leave that for you to decide or not. Basically you need to choose if to cancel your subscription or not. Don’t assume everything has been cancelled after the trial. You should contact Spotify to make sure.

Of course, with such a fantastic service at such a low price, we’re not sure why you would want to cancel it anyway!

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