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Instagrille now Pixsta

Instagrille is now Pixsta and it offers a great way of enjoying Instagram on your desktop, instead of on your mobile devices.

Instagram is a totally mobile experience and one would think that it couldn’t be better on a desktop. However, the Pixsta, which is a free Instagram client for desktops in the Pokki platform, makes Instagram much faster and stronger and infinitely better.

The name Instagrille was rebranded to Pixsta, as the company had to comply with the update on Instagram’s brand rules, which did not allow third parties to use any part of the network name in their branding.

Responsive Features

When you download the new Pixsta, you will see that it does not use the conventional Windows Chrome and offers for a gray appearance accompanied by drop shadows, almost sporting the look of a Mac. It is surely not a traditional Windows application, but works as well as one. There are no borders to the window, so the images are offered right in the middle. The window, however, can be resized and additional number of pictures or images can be fitted in. You can also toggle by opting or a tile layout or a linear layout, whichever you prefer. When you resize the window, the layout also reacts in response. When the window is narrow, the list view is shown followed by comments. When you make the window broader, the comments now appear on the side of the image. If you make it still wider, multiple images can be fitted alongside with comment threads beside them.

Enhanced Viewing

After you log in to the Instagram account on your PC with Pixsta, you will be able to like images or even participate in the discussion. You can make comments in the thread and it is much easier to do this on a bigger screen of a PC, when compared to the small screen on a mobile device. However, there is one feature lacking in Pixsta experience of Instagram on your PC – you will not be able to flick through images very fast and will have to do it one at a time. Scrolling through images is enabled, but it is slightly difficult to scroll one picture up or one picture down when you are viewing a stream.

Viewing Videos

Viewing of videos in Pixsta for Instagram in your desktop is an excellent experience. You can play Instagram videos similar to the way you play them on your mobile device. In addition, you can also download the videos and save them for future viewing. If there is no filename extension on the video file, you can manually type out .mp4 and it works.


Pixsta for Instagram on your PC is really quick and very responsive. You can see images loading in no time at all and it also offers a very responsive interface. If you have a powerful PC and a fast processor, you should not have any trouble viewing Instagram images or commenting on them. However, it is important to have a fast Internet connection as well, otherwise the videos might stutter.

Free App

You can use Pixsta as a free application for viewing Instagram on your PC. Downloading it on your desktop offers an entirely new way of experiencing Instagram, even if you don’t have too many friends in Instagram, as it is totally worth it. The new version supports Windows 8.1 as well as 8.0 and 7. Viewers are enabled to share as well as view and search for videos and photographs from Instagram and also discover such content from other users.

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