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Google strives to make it easier for you every day. You have the option of getting in touch with your friends by other means.

Google Talk presents you with an alternative chat forum known as federation. You can learn more about the process by use of the Google Talk platform when you open communications.

The Limits within the Free Google Talk Federation Facility

Users need to note that Google Talk is limited in the number of service providers with whom it federates. If you belong to a service provider who Google Talk does not have a working arrangement with, then you will not be able to communicate with Google Talk users on the Google Talk platform.

Change Your SRV Records To Join The Free Google Talk Federation

If you are interested in joining the community of the Google Talk federation, you are free to join. You are only required to edit your SRV records. If your intention is to allow users to chat with their counterparts on other Google apps or even Gmail, you do not need to edit your SRV settings. SRV settings are controlled by your domain host. Therefore, you need to consult your domain host for more information concerning SRV records. Confirm if you have access to the records and make the relevant modifications to get you on board the federation of Google Talk.

Varying Options for SRV Set Up

As you modify your SRV records to plug into the system, make sure that you replace with your domain name. However, do not alter There are varying options for setting up your desired SRV records. Feel free to consult your domain host in case of difficulty.

Free Google Talk and Google Hangouts Experiences down Time

The recent down time that the two emerging chat platforms experienced served as a wakeup call for users to get personal with those close to them. Although the world of chat platforms has been viewed as a welcome development by fans of chat, it has also been accused of alienating people with those in close proximity. The chat arena has been accused of curtailing real time human interaction. The recent down time forced people to reach out to others in person and rekindled the flair of real human interaction in many places. The app Status dashboard of the mother company indicated that the apps were down for up to three hours.

The Nature of System Reliability

The reliability of systems is never at a hundred percent, and you know that. Yet it is good practice to notify and apologize to users whenever your system goes down. It escapes some companies that system downtime causes inconvenience, losses and even irreparable damage to some users. Being compassionate about the turn of events is commendable business practice. Google apologized and reassured users of return to normalcy within reasonable time. This reaction must be hailed as impressive. When such downtime occurs, some users may not immediately notice it. They may embark on unnecessary fixes on the systems. Such reactions may exacerbate the problem.

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