Free Antivirus – Which Ones Should You Install On Your Computer?

‘Free’ no longer means weak

When the concept of free software was launched, it was not very popular.

The reason was that the software industry was in its infancy. As a result, companies needed funds to develop their software. Hence, they would use the free versions to showcase the features. Users could then purchase the paid version to get all the features they required. This was a practice followed by the Antivirus industry. However, at the same time, the concept of hacking and malware was also relatively unknown.

However, as the computer industry grew, so did the expertise of people looking to illegally obtain information. As a result, users started demanding much better and sophisticated antivirus and security solutions. As more and more people started downloading the free versions, companies started offering better options with these versions. If we take a look at them today, we will see that the level of security provided is very high and comprehensive.

Avast Antivirus – One of the leaders in the field

One brand which has made a name for itself is Avast. This antivirus solution offers users a number of different options even in its most basic version. To start with, the interface is extremely simple to use. The first display gives you a snapshot of your system. It tells you if there is any item that needs your attention and also indicates if your system is compromised. It also allows you to scan your system from the first screen.

Next, the software also gives you access to different types of scans. You can scan your system when it boots up, you can do a quick scan or a full scan. During the scanning process, you can specify parameters such as the sensitivity of the scan and if you want to check all program files or only the hard drive.

AVG Antivirus – A close second, but an effective antivirus

The AVG brand can also be counted among the best free antivirus solutions. It has an all in one interface, just like Avast. It shows you the protection status for your computer, mobile and emails. It also has a number of different scanners built into it. This includes antivirus, email-scanner and spyware.

However, where it loses out to Avast is the installation part and the product range. When you install AVG, it automatically installs an add-on to your browsers and makes changes to the browser settings. This is something that Avast does not do. Some reports indicate that if you skip the browser installation, it does not impact the performance.

When we talk about product range, the free version of Avast has many more features. It also allows you to try out some advance features for a short time. If you do not want to use these advanced features, you can just use the basic version. In AVG, the free version has a thirty day trial period. Once this period expires, you have to make a purchase to continue. This can impact the security level of your system.

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