Free Antivirus – Boon or Bane?

An Overview

Antivirus is the call of the market nowadays.

These are introduced in the market with the intent to deliver security and safety to the user’s computer. These are required to be updated to their latest versions as they are responsible for protecting the computer with the latest and most harmful viruses in the internet market. These antivirus programs can either be purchased from the physical market or can be downloaded from the internet. There are also a number of free antivirus softwares available in the market that claim to secure the user’s computer from the most updated viruses in the internet world. These can be downloaded from multiple websites on the internet. This software can be used in innumerable computers and do not have any user limit.


These free antiviruses carry an advantage of being free of charge and the ones uploaded most recently are the best ones to use as these are fully updated and can keep the user’s computer extremely safe and secured. These might not have the feature of automatic updating and are required to be updated manually on a regular basis as new types of viruses keep coming up which can harm the user’s computer. Moreover, this free antivirus software can prove to be very helpful for the users who are simple net browsers and do not involve in any kind of downloading onto their computers. These anti viruses are capable enough to protect such computers and deliver secure services to the users. Moreover, if these softwares are updated on a regular basis, they can prove to be as fruitful as the paid ones.


These free antivirus come with a few disadvantages which include their lack of capability of updating themselves automatically and their weak reputation in the market because of which they do not get support in terms of their updated versions. Few of these softwares might not even have the on demand-scanning feature that often becomes very important for the user, as they might want to scan their computer or the multiple drives that they insert into their computer for various viruses and Trojans. Moreover, the paid anti viruses are much more enhanced in terms of features which include their auto updating feature, the scanning on demand feature, drive by drive scanning, and the renewal feature which brings in more frequent updates to help the user keep his computer safe and secured.

The Choice to Make

Thus, the choice of a free antivirus over the paid ones does come at a price of performing the painful task of updating it manually on regular intervals to keep the computer safe. But the advantage of having it for free is hard to neglect. If the user doesn’t indulge in much downloading and doesn’t visit malicious websites, the use of free antivirus software can surely prove to be a great boon. Before making your choice, be sure that you are not inviting future troubles by choosing present gains.

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