Flappy Bird vs Angry Birds – Which Is the Best?

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Flappy Bird and Angry Birds, both have birds as their protagonists, but the two games couldn’t have been more different.

While one utilizes beautiful graphics and a sophisticated gameplay, the other cashes in on pixelated retro graphics and a simplistic game play. Flappy Bird was created by a Vietnamese developer called Dong Nguyen, while Angry Birds has been designed by Finnish game studio called Rovio.

The Launch of Games

Dong Nguyen created the game in the spare time he had, and it was really the work of a novice. He launched the game in May 2013, after which it took about seven months to get noticed. During these seven months, the game built a base of fans and then attracted unbelievable loyalty. Soon, the game was considered as one of the best in the world and was making millions for its developer. Angry Birds, on the other hand, was developed by Finnish gaming studio Rovio, and the mobile gaming app was designed with great deliberation and care. The game was released on a mass scale and was an instant success. In fact, it laid the corner stone on which the mobile gaming industry’s foundation was laid. The game quickly turned into a multimillion dollar franchise, breaking records and earning millions of Euros in revenues.

Addictive Gaming

Both the games have a very addictive gameplay. While Flappy Bird built its success on the ‘frustration’ factor, where players get frustrated simply because the game is so easy to play and yet so difficult to master; Angry Birds was strategic and thought provoking. The two apps were fundamentally different from each other, and therefore the people who played the games played them with different intents. Even the audiences of the two games are quite different. While Angry Birds has a wider mass appeal, Flappy Bird is more for those who just play mobile games to kill time.

The Major Differences

Flappy Bird’s creator was responsible for the game’s demise, while Angry Birds is dying a natural death. Dong Nguyen, flappy Bird’s creator, was not very fond of the attention that the game was bringing him. It interfered with his life and derailed his plans, so one day when he could not take it anymore, he just decided to take the game off app stores and shut it down for all users. Angry Birds, meanwhile, faced stronger competition every day from newer and more fun games that slowly cast a long shadow on the game that was once the leader in mobile gaming. Though Rovio released several new versions of the game – one after the other, it could never really match up the success that the game had initially experienced. The revenues began to fall, and the profits are much less than they were at one time.


Both games have their own charm. While Angry Birds is a suave and sophisticated game, which shows the amount of effort and thought put into it, Flappy Bird really seems like a fluke. The creation of the games, and their downfall – both have been entire different from one another. The fact remains, though, that both of them have become a thing of the past.

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