Flappy Bird vs Angry Birds – A Comparison

Flappy Bird is a mobile game that was created by Dong Nguyen, who is a Vietnamese developer.

The game is a simple one taking just a few days to develop and it was launched in the year 2013, in May, but it started gaining attention only in January 2014 and it managed to reach the top of the charts in the US, with $50,000 for the developer every day, merely with the help of the ads. The developer was not able to cope with some of the controversies arising due to accusations of plagiarism of game play and other abusive comments. Finally, the game was removed from the play stores on the 10th of February.

On the other hand, Angry Birds was created by Rovio Entertainment, a Finnish production and it became a runaway hit. It was earning millions of Euros, with more than 700 people working at the website.

Professionals vs Hobbyists

If you are wondering why Flappy Bird crashed and why Angry Birds rose, the two developers are quite different. Flappy Birds developer Dong Nguyen is a hobbyist who did this work during his spare time. Such developers are not bothered about the success of a project and if it interferes with their life and peace, they put a stop to it. They are not in it for the big money. This is in contrast to Rovio, which is a company driven by revenue increases and making money by building applications.

Different Approaches of the Two Games

Many people tend to confuse both the games, as they are both bird based, but there is a lot of difference between the two. The main concept of Flappy Bird is that the bird must not collide against the poles and must move in the right direction. The levels are also extremely difficult. On the other hand, Angry Birds has an excellent interface and offers several birds with different capabilities and features. You can select the bird of your choice to destroy the pigs that are located at a distance.

Greater Variety

Angry Birds offers greater variety, as there are several types of birds. There is also something new in different levels and it is not as difficult to clear the levels as the Flappy Bird gameplay.

Graphics Comparison

There is absolutely no comparison between the graphics of Angry Birds and that of Flappy Bird. Angry Birds has a far superior interface and the graphics are very rich as well as creative. It has a lot of color and it is very bright and has been highly appreciated. Flappy Bird really does not have much to offer in the realm of graphics. It is a 2D graphics based game and though it did not have anything great to offer, it managed to become popular, due to the plot and the addictive feature of the game.

Not Available for Download

Angry Birds is still available for download in the play stores, whereas Flappy Bird has been removed from it. Of course, there are many other versions of Flappy Bird that are actually rip off of this popular game, but the original version cannot be downloaded anymore. Today, there are many other people looking to cash in on the same game type as Flappy Bird, such as the Red Bouncing Ball Spikes or the Splashy Fish and many other clones of Flappy Bird. Rovio has also jumped into the fray with a new game called Retry, which is almost similar to Flappy Birds. However, you can control the speed in this game and you are not forced to go at the same speed as in Flappy Birds. The new game also uses the same features of precision and steadiness while tapping the controls along with many levels of progress.

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