Flappy Bird – The Only Way to Enjoy This Game Now Is To Buy A Smartphone with The Game Pre-Installed

Flappy Bird has made quite a racket early this year.

Within its short period fame, Flappy Bird has managed to gain both fans and critics. For those who were not aware of this app, Flappy Bird is an app that was created by Vietnam-based developer Dong Nguyen. The game involves a flying bird that you will help to cross the gaps between green pipes. The only control that you need to remember is to tap your fingers on the screen. This is how you guide the bird through the gaps.

Criticized By Many

When it became clear that Flappy Bird is not an easy game, a lot of people started to criticize it. It was reviewed as annoying, stupid, and bad graphics. To be fair, the mobile game is not the easiest to play. If you fail to tap the screen at exactly the right time, the bird will immediately fall to its death. We suppose it’s quite frustrating in the sense that just when you’re about to beat your high score, that was the time when you will accidentally hit the pipes or tap at the wrong time.

People Love Its Difficulty

People who love challenges, great challenges perhaps, have given the game positive reviews. Some say that simple games like Flappy Bird are the most satisfying to play. There’s no need to study the game before making a move, no luck to cling to, it’s just always between you and the flying bird, and well, the green pipes. At one point, it was even named the “new Candy Crush Saga” because of its level of addictiveness.

Discontinued in a Blink of an Eye

And perhaps it will take over Candy Crush if it was given more time, if it was not taken down by the creator himself. On February 10, 2014, Flappy Bird was deleted both in the App Store and in Google Play Store. In an interview, Nguyen blamed the addictiveness of the game as the reason why he decided to delete it altogether. He said that the game was supposed to be played when you’re relaxed and just for a few minutes. He did not see it coming that most people who played the game would spend at least an hour just to score 5 points. Flappy Bird has become an addictive product, according to Nguyen.

Smartphones with Flappy Bird for Sale

Shortly after it was deleted, reports of devices with Flappy Bird installed are being offered in EBay. The devices are being offered up to $1,499, and there were also bids up to $90,000. Before you start bidding, you should know that these listings were removed because of EBay’s policy that a smartphone should be restored to factory settings before it was sold.

It’s coming back

Early this March, Nguyen was under the spotlight once more after confirming that Flappy Bird will be back but “not soon”. Fans were ecstatic upon reading this, but the real question is how soon should we wait for its comeback? Nguyen has yet to come up with a statement after that mysterious tweet.

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