Flappy Bird – A Short Lived Game Yet So Popular

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The Launch

‘Flappy bird’ is a recently introduced mobile game for smartphones.

It was launched in 2013 with intent to help the generic public to relax and release their stress. This game includes the legacy of the super Mario bros which were a part of the earlier video games section of the society few years back. This game, when launched, saw its sales and downloads growing at an enormously fast rate. This game has proven to be so addictive that people are now used to prioritizing this game over their regular routine. Flappy Bird was launched on 24th May, 2013 and was removed on 8th February, 2014. It has been a big success in the niche of the mobile gaming industry.

The Playing Concept

This game involves continuous tapping on the mobile screen to keep the bird flying through the pipes which act as obstacles in her way. There are no in-app purchases available in this game and the sole opponent or enemy in this game is the gravity that pulls the Flappy bird towards the ground. By repetitive clicking the user can keep them up and save them from the obstacles coming in their way. The users can download this game for free from the app stores and can play with utter ease and user friendliness. This game is, furthermore, very small in size and therefore can be downloaded very easily. This game was designed in a span of two to three days and with such less efforts, the game has shown phenomenal sales in terms of its downloads.

The Removal

This game has been recently removed from the app stores. This has been done by the developer of this game due to its addictive nature. It has been considered to spoil the lives of many people because they started giving more priority to this game over their regular routine tasks. Post removal, the developers received a lot of criticism. This game saw its peak pretty early and even though it was rising and giving huge profits to the developer, it was removed in the interest of society. This addiction was a boon to a number of users across the world who are now extremely disappointed after its removal.

The Peaks and Records

This game has made a great mark in the mobile gaming industry and has achieved records that were only touched by the legendary games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga. This game achieved the position of No. 1 free app in the android and iOS market within a span of one year since its launch. Almost all the users who have played this game once have shown repetitive interest in it. Post its removal from the app store, it has brought a huge disappointment to the fans of this game. The game was only available in the market for about 9 months. But in that small period, it made its way into the list of one of the most loved and admired smartphone games.

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