Flappy Bird 2 Excellent Improvements and Release Date

If you missed being frustrated because it was so hard to complete levels in “Flappy Bird” or if you missed the funny birdie, than brace yourselves because this summer all fans will love to “fly” with “Flappy Bird 2”. Maybe the new game will as much as addictive as the previous one although it’s not the creation of Dong Nguyen, the creator of the first version.

He confirmed that “Flappy Bird 2” will be released in August, but he’s working on something else to surprise his fans. In March he gave us a few hints about the upcoming “Flappy Bird 2” and on Wednesday, he gave a few statements saying that the new game will be “less addictive”, and it will come with a multiplayer feature. On the next day, he assured us that he’s not behind the creation of “Flappy Bird 2”. He wrote on twitter: “‘Flappy Bird: New Season’ is not mine”, and “I am making a new game, so the people can forget about Flappy Bird for a while”. He also presented an image of the game he’s working on.

Lewis Ward, research director for gaming with IDC, is very skeptical about the success of “Flappy Bird 2” and he considers that the first game was a phenomenon and a sequel won’t rise to its level. “It’s like asking lightning to strike twice in the same place”, Ward told TechNewsWorld.

Steve Bailey, senior analyst for games with IHS Electronics and Media hopes that developer will allow gamers to play longer sessions, since ithe game is already very difficult and frustrating. 

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