Five Features We All Wish Facebook Would Have

Facebook is the epitome of social networking platforms, or so it would seem.

Many people spend a majority of their time on their Facebook profiles. However, have they ever wondered is there something better that they could do? You could certainly use some features on your profile. These features are already present in some of the other networking sites, and we all wish sometimes that they could be on Facebook as well. Here is what you need.

Profile Views

Right now, you have no idea who has been looking at your profile. Therefore, people often stalk each other on Facebook without really knowing who have been looking them up. Though from a privacy point of view, it seems that Facebook has been taking the high road, but the fact is that many of us would like to know who has been checking us out. Orkut, Google’s answer to Facebook, had this option and LinkedIn still has it, but Facebook does not, and most of us have wished at some point in our life that Facebook would have it too.

Photo Editing

If you have a photograph that you want to share with the world, Facebook lets you do that. The only thing is that Facebook does not let you edit them. It would be nice if Facebook allowed us to click and edit pictures before we upload them, within the platform. The only kind of editing you can do right now, is to crop the profile pictures and set them up to the thumbnail. The full size pictures are still completely unedited. Therefore, if you want to put up an edited picture, you have to first edit it on some other platform and then upload it.

Restrictions on Group Photos

When you upload any photographs on groups, only the administrator of the group has the ability to change the settings of the photographs, and the group members simply cannot make any changes. If the person who has created the album decides to make the album public, the contributors to the album cannot change the restrictions and the album would be viewed as public on their profiles too. In a way, this discourages contributors from posting pictures that they might not want the world to see. Contributors should at least have the ability to change the settings on the pictures they are uploading.

Cover Photos

Cover photos are a very recent addition to the Facebook page. While you can change the privacy settings of all your photographs, including the profile picture, you cannot do the same for the cover picture – which always remains public by default. Therefore, no matter what your privacy settings are, your profile picture will always remain visible to anyone who wants to look at it. This is disappointing for those who are sticklers for privacy, and therefore requires the space for at least some minor tweaking. Since people cannot change the privacy settings, many users use general photographs for their cover, or leave the space blank.

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