First $99 iPhone from Apple – Top 2014 Cheapest Smartphone?

Apple is on everybody’s lips nowadays. What new products will they release on the market, how cheap or expensive will they be it remains a mystery. While fans are expecting for the iPhone 6 to be launched, a new rumor appeared. According to it, Apple will release a very cheap iPhone model that will cost only 99 dollars. The news has been “fueled” by The Wall Street Journal, DigiTimes and Bloomberg, who said that the new iPhone will be on the market this summer, according to some inside sources.

It is speculated that the new model will have a plastic body and it will be a lot smaller, but industry analysts are guessing that the new phone will cost between 149-199 dollars, not 99 dollars.

Apple fans are already buying the iPhone 4S at the price of 99 dollars and the iPhone 4 can be picked up for free, with a two-year contract, so it’s hard to believe that an iPhone with non-contract will cost less than 100 dollars, while the price of a non-contract iPhone starts from 450 dollars.

But if the new device will be smaller and will come with a plastic body, this price will create hysteria and Apple will sell the new iPhone without a problem.

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