FIFA 14 Hackers Challenged By Player with Anti-Hack Tool

When it comes to multiplayer games, everyone wants to win despite their skill set or their ability to go against tough opponents.

The gamer who just cannot win against opponents, start using hacking tools that is when things get worse for legitimate players. You just cannot win when someone is using these tricky ways to attain victory that is commonly found in first person shooters. Players use aim bots that will automatically find targets for them. All they have to do is fire to kill. Even the most skilled player might lose in such a scenario. The same goes for role playing and strategy games where people use hacked skill points to level up quickly.

A similar hack is prowling in Fifa14 that does not do much but simply ends the game and favors the hacker by declaring him or her as the winner. Using this way, these hackers can keep winning every game irrespective of the opponent because there is no play involved in it. EA is working to weed out such illegal players but recently they are not so responsive. This has enraged a player so much that he ended up creating his own anti-hack tool. The player named CheatmeNot14 has created a simple program which will help players identify whether their upcoming opponent in a matchmaking system is genuine or not. The project is titled as m41nd3 which is available for download now and is a reliable anti-hack tool.

Identify Potential Cheaters

Before you start a multi-player match in FIFA 14, you can make use of this newly created tool. Rather than being an anti-hack tool that provides you all the details in a log, it is more of an informative program. The software will assess the statistics of a FIFA Ultimate Team, the win loss ratio of the players and the overall points scored by the team. Players will receive the entire stats briefly listed in a text file and this is where they are given the opportunity to make decisions. If you find their success ratio too high to be practically possible or if they have never lost of match, it is time to get suspicious. Avoid playing with such teams at all costs because they are the ones who usually end the match with a winning declaration done in their favor.

EA Response Pending

The tool seems to be working good so far based on the comments left by gamers in the developer’s profile. In his interview, the developer behind this anti-hack tool revealed that EA will most probably have a list of people who use cheats and they could easily ban them if a server side scan is done. But, the company’s customer support is very silent in recent times and doesn’t respond properly as they used to do. He took up the task himself only after he got frustrated by this lack of support and the increasing number of cheaters in the game who rely on hacking tools to help them win matches without actually playing anything.

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