Fallout 4 Should Have Agonizing Choice Making Says Dev

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The Fallout 4 hype train continues to grow every day but players hardly got word from an official source.

The elaborate hoax played by Survivor 2299 was so professional that everyone assumed it is from Bethesda and an actual game set in Boston is about to arrive. Things went berserk when it came to the limelight that it was just a rumor and it had nothing to do with the official developers. The new information comes from a solid source but it is to be noted that the developers of Fallout New Vegas are no longer connected to the new game’s development. However, out of curiosity the lead designer and project director of the last installment in the series, Josh Sawyer shared his expectations about the new game.

Sharing his views about the upcoming Fallout 4 which he believes is under development, Josh said, “I expect the new game to be vigorous on the players in terms of making choices. When you live in a post -apocalyptic world where everything is destroyed and survival is important, everything that you do will bring about a change. Some games in modern times are quite easy to play but that shouldn’t make-up the entire title because it is supposed to be demanding.”

Adding Difficult Choice Making

Continuing his expectations for the upcoming title, Josh added that he understands the fact that there are players who simply love to explore the city and roam it at their own pace. For such players, there should be the option to be able to enjoy the beauty of the land and the work that developers had put in to bring a post-apocalyptic world to life. But, at the same time, he believes that there are those who simply loves additional challenges and would want an exciting experience. Fallout 4 should be able to cater to all types of audiences on release date which is mandatory for it to succeed in an era of cinematic, scripted moves. He said that the storyline should be tweaked as well because providing players with black and white choices that lack depth will not live up to expectations. The developers should incorporate an impressive storyline that will keep players interested till the end.

Bethesda announced a year ago that they are working on a new project which will be their next big title. After releasing Skyrim for the Elder Scroll series, it is most likely to be the anticipated Fallout 4 but the company has not confirmed any such details. Some rumors including the storyline being set in Boston are true. The game will not be shown during E3 2014 and eager fans should wait a bit longer before they decide to open up about their upcoming title.

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